4 Resolutions for the New Year

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It's going to be the end of another year and a beginning to a new year. What are your new year's resolutions? We have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a great year for traditional wet shaving.

Below we prepared a list of New Year's Resolutions that perhaps you might want to add to your own.

1. Research and try out other shaving techniques.

We don’t believe in the idea of just having one perfect technique. You should always be open to explore other ways that you can possibly shave your face. There are many resources such as our blog that gives our readers tips and pointers on how to try and make your shaves even better. So, maybe it is time to ditch the cartridge and try a safety razor. Or perhaps you are an old hand at the double edge and you want to get more aggressive with an open comb head, a slant edge, or really mix it up with an adjustable razor to really dial in the perfect shave. Perhaps 2017 is your year to go "cut-throat". Straight edge, anyone? (See #3 below, this gets a resolution all its own.) Don't let your routine get stale. Keep it fresh by learning a new shaving skill.

2. Interact with other wet shavers.

With technology nowadays, there are many social media/websites/forums where you can socialize and interact with other wet shavers. We always enjoy engaging with our customers and learning from them as well. Ask your questions about dialing in the perfect lather. Find recommendations on the best products. Learn about the latest and greatest finds. And, of course, leave your own opinions as well.

Some great forums that you can check out: The Wet shave forum on Reddit and Badger and Blade.

3. Learn how to straight shave.

Get the best, smoothest BBS shave with a straight razor. The method teaches you how to slow down and concentrate more on what you're doing. But it also has the added benefit of giving you the closest shave you can get with the least irritation. The long blade covers more area for fewer passes. It doesn't clog like other razors so you get a cleaner shave which equals less infection in those minuscule cuts and abrasions. And seriously, you look pretty bad-a** scrapping that blade across your mug.

4. Try a new product or give an old one a second chance.

As you get into this wet shaving gig, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, know that baby steps are ok. If you aren't ready to tackle a new technique or (gulp) go cut-throat, don't despair. You can still resolve to expand your knowledge and experience with new products. If you love creams, try a croap. If you've tried the big names, give a local artisan a minute of your time. If you've always embraced the badger, take a look at a boar brush. Perhaps you shunned the menthol sting, well, 2017 might be the year to give it another go. If you are a morning shaver, work in a night shave or two during the week. Variety is the spice of life, so let's make 2017 muy caliente.

Do you have any shaving/grooming resolutions of your own for the new year? Leave a comment here!

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