Doc Elliott: A Classic, Yet Modern Brand

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Shope for Doc Elliot at West Coast ShavingFind yourself in Doc Elliott: an “every man”, who values tradition but looks to the future, who preserves his roots yet spreads his branches, he is authentic, hard-working, dedicated – he is you! 

Why We’re Featuring it: 

This small, independently owned, Texas-based company is the result of one woman’s vision to create grooming products that wouldn’t kill her husband! 

The petroleum, mineral oils, and chemicals in his pomades, creams, soaps, and splashes concerned her. She set out to create effective, traditional grooming essentials with a modern health consciousness.

Doc Elliot was born. 

Why We Like it:

Innovative, home-started, hand-crafted, all-natural – what’s not to love?! 

They keep their range of products simple with 

  • Refined (leather, sandalwood, & citron), 
  • Rugged (cedar, warm amber, & tobacco),  
  • Raw (unscented), 
  • as well as a classic combination of bay rum, sage, & citrus musk

We love the apothecary feel of their products. Just imagine, kicking the dust off your boots as you stride into the dimly lit shop. Sharp hints of mint and menthol hit your nose, but underneath are the soothing tones of lavender and rosemary, as well as leather and tobacco. The dark wood, heavily lined shelves offer up tins and brown bottles. Paper labels promise miracle cures and antidotes.

Those same aesthetics are at work in Doc Elliott, as they honor their “mancestors”. Their proprietary blends don’t claim to cure your gout, but their grooming essentials do improve your style. 

But don’t worry, no “eye of newt” or “toe of frog” in these concoctions. Just essentials oils, beeswax, and plant extracts to keep your skin, hair, and beard healthy. 

They are committed to a tradition of great shaving, but remain ever evolving. They offer the highest quality ingredients. And the opportunity to obtain them easily. 

Who is it for: 

This is for YOU! Anyone who enjoys a great, wet shaving experience combined with natural ingredients will love Doc Elliott. And all their products are compounded right here in the good ‘ole US of A. These Texans are proud Austinites crafting a line of products for “everyman”. 

Ya’ll Just Gotta Try: 

Don't stop with just these three. Find even more of their exceptional products here!

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