Gentlemens Refinery: A Truly Expert Shave

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The Gentlemens Refinery at West Coast ShavingBack in the days before mass-clipper haircut franchises took over the men's grooming industry with their fast, cheap, and usually lackluster-but-serviceable buzz jobs, a man's barber was as necessary and respected as his doctor. Modern guys tend not to place much importance on having a professional to turn to with all their grooming and hygiene needs, but ask yourselves this: Since when did a good-looking haircut, a proper shave, and well-tended skin do you any harm?

Yeah, that's pretty much what we thought. So now that we've got you on board with the whole barbers-are-actually-amazing thing, enter Perry Gastis, a world-renowned Executive Master Barber. Sounds fancy, right? This is the guy you want to trust with your appearance. He's not only worried about making you look good, he's paying attention to all the stuff underneath – the health and well-being of every pore and follicle you've got. And his Gentlemens Refinery products are his way of making sure his expertise is with you in the bathroom every morning. (That came out wrong, but you know what we mean.)

Why we're featuring it:

We hear from a lot of guys who want products that work, but who are worried about the ingredients in most of the grooming lines they've seen. They're looking for something more natural that won't have a long-term negative impact either on their health or on the environment. So when we find a brand that really sticks to strict standards in formulating their products, we want to make sure to tell the world.

Why we like it:

Not to state the obvious or anything, but stuff created by an Executive Master Barber is bound to be pretty great. Not only is Gentlemens Refinery all natural and expertly crafted, it's also fantastic to use. Products like the Black Ice shave cream are so unique, you could almost use them just for the fun and novelty factor – this is the first time we've ever had a licorice-scented shave, and we're not ashamed to say we liked it. Everything Gentlemens Refinery produces is free of parabens and alcohol, so you're not going to get that tight, dried-out effect or the overly waxy, greasy feel you might be accustomed to from other (dare we say, inferior?) brands. Master Barber = Masterful Shave Experience. 'Nuff said.

Who this is for:

Requirements for a Gentlemens Refinery User include: Must love happy skin. Must want to enjoy shaving experience. Must prefer natural ingredients to feeling like a lab rat. Must enjoy candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. No, wait, not that last part.

Who this is not for:

Um...guys who hate barbers? Masochists who enjoy a rough and painful shave? Okay, maybe if you're a super traditionalist who wants the classic scents like bay rum or vetiver, you might not fall completely in love with Gentlemens Refinery, but otherwise we can't imagine the man whose skin wouldn't thank Perry Gastis for his genius.

You need this:

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Mystical Ninja June 24, 2015 5:49 PM reply
Any free samples?

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kkish57673 (Store Admin) June 25, 2015 10:10 AM reply
No we do not have any free samples of the Gentlemens Refinery products.

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