Tame the nose hairs: Groom Mate can help with your manscaping

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Shop for Groom Mate at West Coast ShavingOh boy. This is, um, well, it's a bit awkward, but...we felt it was time to finally come out and say it.

Your nose and ear hair are giving us the creeps.

Sorry, fellas, but the uncomfortable truth is that we're hairy, messy beasts who really don't often do a thorough job of taking care of all our various bits. The most enlightened among us have embraced this fact and run with it (thanks, guys, for inventing that “manscaping” thing) – but there are still plenty of members of the male species who are running around out there with a lot of room for improvement on the grooming front.

To be blunt: Remember your Great-Uncle Earl and his nose hair of legend? Now, take a good long look in the mirror, buddy. No, don't cry. It's going to be all right. We've got this brand called Groom Mate, and they're here to help.

Why we're featuring it:

West Coast Shaving is not just about wet shaving products. We're really about making sure that all of mankind is as presentable as possible, if for no other reason than the survival of the human race. Gentlemen, the time has come to take a little pride in our appearances, and to tackle even the hairiest (get it?) issues head-on. That's why we want to introduce you to Groom Mate and their very cool, very user-friendly trimmers. Pretty much every single person you interact with regularly is bound to thank us for this.

Why we like it:

We're pretty sure that the main reason the removal of Fraggle-esque nose and ear hairs became such a taboo subject to begin with is that most of the trimmers and clippers on the market have more in common with medieval torture devices than with grooming products. Somewhere along the way, men must have met in a secret clubhouse someplace and made a pact of brotherhood that the painful pulling, plucking, and accidental nose-piercings would be stopped through an eternal vow of silence. In other words, “Ix-nay on the Ose-Hair-Nay.” But Groom Mate has actually figured out how to create a gentle, effective set of trimmers that don't rely on batteries or any kind of electric power source at all – which means you control the movement of the blades and their proximity to your nostrils and lobes. That's music to our ear(hair)s.

Who this is for:


Who this is not for:

The follicularly blessed and the blissfully unaware youth among us. But mark our words, boys: Your day will come.

You need this:

Shop for Groom Mate products at West Coast Shaving here.

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