Political Primping: What Today’s Most Popular Politicians Would Look Like With Facial Hair.

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Long gone are the perfectly primped political beards of the early 1900s and before. Today politicians opt for a clean cut shave, perfectly parted hair, and a bleach white smile as bright as a thousand suns.

As powerful as the recent “beard trend” has been, it hasn’t yet seeped into the political world… but what if today’s most powerful and popular politicians took a break from their well manicured image and let some scruff grow? Well, we decided to find out, and the results are highly entertaining. We even let Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina get in on the action. Check it out:

(From left to right, top to bottom: Barack Obama, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Joe Biden, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, and Carly Fiorina)

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