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Christine Koontz, along with her husband John, owns West Coast Shaving and loves the products they sell. We recently asked her to share with us some of her favorites. This is no easy feat, since one of the top priorities as a company is "only to sell products we believe in"! So how do you pick just a few products when there are literally thousands of great ones to choose from? Read on to find out which products and brands made the cut for Christine's grooming hall of fame.


"I thought I had a good tweezers until I tried this brand. I honestly do not know how it is possible to have such a prefect grip on those hairs without any slipping, but this brand has done it. These tweezers are good for splinters - or anything for that matter - and it's just smart to invest in good tools. It's not like you need to replace them often, so you might as well like what you have."

Trumper's Creams

"I love them all! They lather so perfectly and leave my skin feeling both protected during the shave and moisturized after the shave. Performance-wise, it's right up there in my favorites. I favor the coconut and violet scents, but the care taken in all of the fragrances of this brand is really outstanding."

D R Harris Windsor

"I love the way the Windsor line smells! It makes me wish that I could wear it and not smell like a guy. It's a complex scent that smells masculine and woodsy and just plain amazing. I frequently recommend this one to the guys because I promise the ladies will notice. It's hot!"

Penhaligon's Opus 1870

"I am the queen of scents! I get lost in many of them that are complex and do not smell like your typical department store cologne. This brand performs over and over again, and this particular cologne was one of the first I smelled from this brand. I loved it then, and I love it now."

Castle Forbes

"I have repeatedly told customers that this is the "fine wine" of the shaving world. I love how strong and genuine the fragrance is in all of their creams, but I particularly love the lavender and lime. If you've ever been one to enjoy real, genuine essential oils, you will know this brand does not skimp on ingredients. The lather is perfect, as is the scent. And the story behind the brand is nothing short of enchanting."

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Randnak October 2, 2015 4:11 PM reply
Well, okay Christine: For tweezers, I use whatever my wife has, or my teeth. I love Trumper's Lime, great scent and easy lather. Rose and Violet just have too much added coloring for me. As we once discussed, I love Harris Windsor. I have cornered a number of my wife's friends and my female friends and they all prefer Marlborough. The world needs more women like you. I can't afford Castle Forbes or Penhaligon: I spent all my money on Trumper's and D.R. Harris.

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chad tillman October 16, 2015 11:52 AM reply
Thanks Christine. It was a pleasure meeting you last month. If you say Windsor is hot, then I will be using Windsor. :-)

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