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Knock-knock: Who’s there? (And what do we stand for?)

I was talking with Michael Bustamante AKA “Shave Busta” the other day about the new line of safety razors that we were about to release, and he said something that struck me. He said that he didn’t feel like he had a personal connection with West Coast Shaving; he didn’t know who we were and what we stood for. I realized that we have not done a good job communicating that. So we’re swinging wide the door.

Who we are:

If you step foot in the doors of West Coast Shaving, you are going to be greeted by any number of passionate wet-shaving employees. Maybe you’ll be greeted by Kevin. . . or Kevin? Yep, we have two Kevins to serve you. Kevin C is dedicated to customer service where he answers the phones, chats, & messages. Kevin K handles part of our operations (and can answer almost any wet-shaving question you can throw at him). If you don’t see Kevin-squared, it might be Eric answering your questions. He handles customer service and merchandising. Kim has many faithful years of customer service and operations behind her, but she is moving on to pursue her passion in Jui Jitsu – moving from a customer service ninja to an actual ninja. With Kim’s departure, Christina is about to take the role of head of customer service. Off site, Bob manages inventory, Heidi writes up site content, and Joan handles photography and social media. And I (Aviv) handle a few different functional areas, focusing on improving and growing the business. Between us there are 7 spouses, 14 children, 3 grandchildren, and 5 dogs. Some of us work part time and some of us put in 60 hours a week, but we’re all excited about seeing this industry grow.

What we stand for:

We have 3 core standards we’ve been striving for: Value, Design, Shopping Experience.


While we strive to provide the best price for any given item, we think of value in other ways as well. We also provide value by

  • Curating relevant products (from sample packs to shaving sets)
  • Selling hard to find items
  • Supporting customers through the buying process
  • Communicating the story of the product

We see value as anything that makes you happier with the product you purchased.


We believe that design enhances products and experience. In fact, it drew us (and many of you) into this wet-shaving gig to begin with. So, we put a great deal of effort into designing everything that we put out there: from our website to any products that we create. We strive to deliver fresh, new design to embed in any area in which we have control.

Shopping Experience

We want our customers to fall in love with wet-shaving so we strive to provide a great end-to-end shopping experience. From the first time you visit the site to the moment you open your package, we want your experience to be as positive and seamless as possible (except for the box, there better be a seam on the box, I mean how else would you open it? That would be frustrating. . .). Every three months, we create new “shopping experience goals” with the hope that we will make shopping with us easier and more pleasurable.

Value, Design, Shopping Experience. One recent example of how they work together is our newly launched Safety Razor page. What started as a shopping experience enhancement (embed more information on the page to make it easier to shop for the right razor) soon became more. When we realized that the page could provide much more value than just a little education, we decided to completely redesign the page. We eventually got to the 3 tab design to provide information in a clean and concise manner.

Who are we? We are West Coast Shaving. Welcome, come on in!


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