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    What Are the Differences in Aftershaves?

    What Are the Differences in Aftershaves?-West Coast Shaving
    In this installment of Shaving 101, Aviv and Jared splash around with some aftershaves and give you the skinny on your post-shave possibilities. There is so much goodness to enjoy even after your shave is finished. Once you’ve plied the blade and patted your face dry with a towel, what are you going to do with that freshly shaved face? Read on to find out.

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    How to Shave with a Double Edge Safety Razor

    How to Shave with a Double Edge Safety Razor-West Coast Shaving

    One of the beautiful parts of wet shaving is that it slows you down enough to enjoy a meditative process instead of rushing through another menial, daily chore. Taking time to understand your face and how your hair grows is part of the process that makes wet shaving with a safety razor so much better for you and your skin. Learn some tips on wet shaving from Aviv and Jared.


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    10 Newest & Best Shaving Soaps for 2019

    10 Newest & Best Shaving Soaps for 2019-West Coast Shaving
    One of the greatest joys of the classic wet shaving gig is finding your favorite shaving soap (or soaps). Once you’ve learned to lather, you have so many options from stupendous scents to skin-sensitive suds. In these early months of 2019, we’ve compiled a list of perennial favorites as well as some noteworthy up-and-comers. Check out these ‘newest and best’ shaving soaps that will have you coming back for more.

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