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    New Release: Karve Shaving Co. Razors

    New Release: Karve Shaving Co. Razors-West Coast Shaving
    Chris Kirchen is the artisan behind Karve Shaving Co. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he is producing exceptional brass safety razors that are catching the imagination of wet shavers around the world. These beautiful instruments are heirloom quality and provide an exceptionally smooth shave.

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    Oktober Fest Curation

    Oktober Fest Curation-West Coast Shaving
    The autumn air begins to chill, the fields ripen for harvest, and Munich residents tap the first keg of beer to open the weeks of Oktoberfest. In this curation, Eric muses about all thing German-inspired in this list of scents & products.  

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    Honey Curation

    Honey Curation-West Coast Shaving
    Honey-do, honey trap, sweet as honey, land of milk & honey - This liquid gold has been used for millennia to describe sweetening just about everything from food to words. It is also used in grooming products. Eric showcases this genius scent in a variety for products that highlight its ability to both enhance and subdue.

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    Daring Curation

    Daring Curation-West Coast Shaving

    Be bold with Eric's list of not-for-the-faint-of-heart fragrances. The traditional aromas have their place, but sometimes you want to step outside the box. That's what these scent-makers have done with these unique (and sometimes polarizing) bouquets.


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    New Release: West Coast Shaving Soaps & Creams

    New Release: West Coast Shaving Soaps & Creams-West Coast Shaving
    Our new soaps and creams are top shelf. When we set out to create our next generation shaving soaps and creams, we wanted phenomenal performance & value coupled with fantastic scents. With the help of some amazing artisans, we’ve nailed it. Gents (and ladies), you don't want to miss these. 

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