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    Wet Shaving and Grooming Blog

    Vegan Curation

    Vegan Curation-West Coast Shaving

    Looking for products that use natural, plant-based ingredients to give you exceptional results? Try Eric's list of vegan products with phenomenal lathers, nourishment, and scents. 


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    Confidence Curation

    Confidence Curation-West Coast Shaving

    Power broker, power lunch, power hungry. If you are in the business of big business (or even just a small business), having a scent that makes you stand out, stand up, or stand tall can go a long way. Eric has compiled a list of scents that can do just that - classic confidence building. So square your shoulders, raise your chin, and look life straight in the eye. You got this!


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    Sage Curation

    Sage Curation-West Coast Shaving

    While sage may evoke Thanksgiving turkey and other culinary delights, it is a fragrance sometimes overlooked in the wet shaving world. But this aromatic herb can cover some ground with its complex, dry, crisp, and smoky vibe. In this list, Eric looks at the many faces of sage.

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    Wild West Curation

    Wild West Curation-West Coast Shaving
    The days of cattle drives, wagon trains, and frontier living was certainly in need of some good soaps and scents. Eric has rounded up a list of aromas that are sure to please your inner cowboy or cattle rustler. Check out these leathery, tobacco-y, bay rum-y grooming products.

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    New Release: Martinez Blades

    New Release: Martinez Blades-West Coast Shaving
    Feast your eyes. . .  on Martinez Blades. We’ve been searching a long time to find an artisan who is crafting straight razors. Blade making is an art – and almost a lost one at that. So, when we heard about Mike Martinez we were so excited about the tools he is bringing to the table. Meticulous research, testing, and design are displayed in his exceptional blades. We are delighted to offer you the absolute best in quality, craftsmanship, and form. Check out Mike and his blades.

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    Beat the Heat Curation

    Beat the Heat Curation-West Coast Shaving
    With temperatures reaching triple digits in many parts of the country (and world), Eric has pulled together some mentholated offering to help you beat the heat. From mild cooling to full on face freezers, we have options for every "menth head".

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