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    New Release: Talbot Soaps

    New Release: Talbot Soaps-West Coast Shaving
    West Coast Shaving is pleased to announce our partnership with Talbot Shaving. What started as a creative outlet for stay-at-home dad Chad to join his passions of wet shaving and the outdoors has become a hobby that gives great joy to others as well.

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    New Sample Pack: Foodie

    New Sample Pack: Foodie-West Coast Shaving
    Smells good enough to eat -- but we don't recommend it. Check out this sample pack of soaps for a true gourmand. This carefully selected menu will satisfy food and soap critic alike. Bon appetit!

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    Explorer's Curation

    Explorer's Curation-West Coast Shaving

    For this Explorer's curation, Eric cast a wide net into worldwide grooming culture to bring you scents and products from around the globe. From balms across the pond to scents from the Far East, this compilation might turn you on to something new. And lead you on a journey right from your shaving den. 

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