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10 Best Shaving Brushes-West Coast Shaving

10 Best Shaving Brushes

A good shaving brush is the backbone of a classic wet shave. You might have the right blade and right razor. You might even have zeroed in on your favorite soap and scent; however, without a shaving brush to lather that soap and a frothy lather to protect your face, you won’t get the benefits you desire from a wet shaving experience. That is where shaving brushes comes in.

Shaving brushes come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and hair types so finding the perfect fit can be a challenge.  But fear not! Others have gone before you on this road. Here are 10 Best Shaving Brushes from West Coast Shaving that are much beloved by our customers. (We’ve got shaving brushes from all price points, hair types, sizes, and colors.)

#1 - WCS Tortoiseshell Collection Torch Shaving Brush, Silvertip

  • Hair - silvertip
  • Handle - tortoiseshell design
  • Height/Knot - 115mm/26mm

This brush is beloved for so many reasons. Reviewers rave: “So dense, so firm, So fully packed. This brush exceeded all expectations” and “This brush sucks up the soap and loads it comfortably and easily onto my face. Besides that it looks great hang on the bathroom counter.” This grooming utensil has it all from form to function. And to top it all off, it is a great value. We’ve kept it under $50 for a silvertip shaving brush. That’s magic!



#2 -  Parker Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Black and Chrome

  • Hair - pure badger
  • Handle - black and chrome
  • Height/Knot - 104mm/23mm

This Parker shaving brush tops the “best of” lists of many blogs. And it lands here as well. Reviewers say, “After 1 year of use, I can say this brush holds its own. It broke in and now is as soft as Silvertip. It hasn't shed a hair. It's a premium brush at a very fair price. I don't know how Parker does it.” and “Compared to other sub $50 Badger brushes I have owned, this one is top drawer. Awesome water holding, which means luxurious lather, and at this price you should try top quality at a value price.” Quality construction, quality experience.



#3 - WCS Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black

  • Hair - synthetic
  • Handle - black acrylic
  • Height/Knot - 99mm/24mm

This is just a lovely brush with its dramatic black handle and exceptional synthetic hair. It is fantastic for those just starting out. Reviewer Edmond comments “This is a great brush; the quality and price are right! Whether you are new to traditional shaving or an old pro, you won't be disappointed purchasing this brush.” Practically perfect in every way.



#4 - WCS Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory

  • Hair - synthetic
  • Handle - ivory acrylic
  • Height/Knot - 113mm/24mm

This synthetic fiber is turning synthetic haters into synthetic lovers. Along with a classic handle, there is much to love. Reviewer Ken says, “Have both a boar and badger brush and resisted a synthetic simply because it was “not natural.” This brush lives up its ratings so I’m a believer! Lathers terrific and is soft yet supportive on my face.” A pretty package that packs a punch.



#5 - WCS Two-Tone Tall Synthetic Shaving Brush, Red & White

  • Hair - black synthetic
  • Handle - retro, cherry red & white
  • Height/Knot - 131mm/26mm

This handle has a little retro flair to balance out its modern synthetic fiber. As a tall brush, it creates a lather by any method you choose: bowl, mug, face, palm. It also has a nicely balanced weight that feels great in your hand.  At this price point, you can’t go wrong. Reviewer John says, “Great brush! Sharp looking and great performing and great value.” A fab shaving brush at a fab price.



#6 - Omega 10066 Boar Shaving Brush

  • Hair - boar
  • Handle - white plastic
  • Height/Knot - 106mm/24mm

This one has been residing in shaving dens around the world for years. One of Omega’s most popular shaving brushes, it boasts boar bristles that whip up a great lather. Reviewer Kyle: “I had heard about this specific brush from a reviewer on YouTube who had rated it highly. I'm glad I followed his advice as this is the best brush I've used so far. It loads up soap easily and works great for my face lather. I will leave it soaking in water while I brush my teeth and it'll be nice and softened up by the time I finish. Great value.” A ridiculously great brush at a ridiculously low price.



#7 - Simpson Chubby 3 Super Badger Shaving Brush CH3S

  • Hair - super badger
  • Handle - classic Simpson ivory
  • Height/Knot - 101mm/30mm

Wanna lather with the big dogs? Well, this is a big-dog-kinda brush. Simpson is renown for their shaving brushes and not without reason. If you can get a hold of this one (it might mean saving your Christmas money), you won’t be disappointed. Reviewer rave: “The best brush I've ever used, This thing is huge but very tightly knotted, holds a lot of lather” and “The brush exudes quality and delivers the shaving experience you might expect in a barber shop.” This brush doesn’t run with the big dogs, it defines the big dogs.



#8 - Vulfix 2235S Super Badger Shaving Brush

  • Hair - super badger
  • Handle - ivory-colored
  • Height/Knot - 114mm/23mm

This popular brush from Vulfix combines form, function, and face feel for a fantastic shave. Reviewer Jay says, “This brush is exactly what I was looking for. Soft bristles, holds water extremely well, and is floppy. If you are not looking for a floppy brush, then move along. Between that and the soft bristles, it is an excellent feeling. Highly recommended.” And Reviewer Joshua claims, “This has been the only brush I've used for the last four years and it looks like it did the day I got it. Works very well, fits the hand, and at a good price point. Can't recommend it enough.” Often recommended, rarely disappointed!



#9 - Semogue 1305 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

  • Hair - boar
  • Handle - wood with two-toned green/cream
  • Height/Knot - 110mm/22mm

This one stands out in a crowd -- or in a crowded shaving den. The pure bristle boar hair set into a wood handle is dreamy. Reviewer Bryan says, “For the price this is absolutely positively one of the best over all brushes on the market. In approximately thirty shaves I have only lost one hair.” And Shannon says, “It has great back bone to it which allows it to tear into a hard soap, it also gives a good scritch to the face which I like. You can't go wrong with this one in your collection. Give it a good month of shaves and it will be your go-to brush.” Dance to the beat of your own drummer with this boar brush.



#10 - Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

  • Hair - silvertip
  • Handle - deeply veined amber
  • Height/Knot - 95mm/21mm

This has been a consistently favorite shaving brush on our site for years. Loaded with luxurious silvertip badger hair but at a reasonable price point, you can't go wrong with this grooming requisite. Reviewer Robert: “What can I say, I've been using this brush for several months and it is fantastic. Loads wonderfully and I have only lost 1 or 2 hairs in those months of service. Whether using soap (my number 1 choice) or cream, the outcome is great.”  Reviewer Tony says, “It is attractive, easy to hold, and well designed. The bloom is about right, the badger hair soft and highly absorbent. Most important, the Omega gives me excellent slick lather with both quality shaving soaps and cream.” Small brush, mighty lather!


Did your favorite shaving brush make the list? What is your daily driver? What about a special occasion brush? We would love to hear about your favorite shaving brushes. Comment below.

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G. Sacco - February 11, 2019

I purchased an Omega 10275 boar brush from WCS about 4-5 weeks ago. It was stiff when I first opened the package which was expected. I researched a break in process on B&B forums and the Omega website.
Settled on immersing the bristles in cold water and leaving in the fridge for two days. After shaking out the water and brushing the bristles on a towel for numerous times I figured it was good to use.
By the way I never did get that boar animal smell at all!
The next morning I was ready to use the brush. I let the bristles soak in warm water as I showered then shook out the water from the brush and whipped up a great lather in seconds on a Williams puck. The brush worked nicely evenly distributing the lather while working the slickness into my stubble. It is not a large brush but for me it is the perfect size – I absolutely love this brush! Probably will not be the only brush I own but I will enjoy this brush for a long time, you will not be disappointed if you buy one.

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