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50% Off WCS Wood & Brass Safety Razors!
50% Off WCS Wood & Brass Safety Razors!
4th of July Curation-West Coast Shaving

4th of July Curation

The 4th of July is a time to reflect on our great country's history and independence; the very start of this nation! It's also a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the opportunities we've been given, and all the things we've come to know and love from the U.S.A. As you get in the spirit for this holiday's festivities, enjoy some of these products that we think will put a patriotic spin on your daily grooming regimen!



Fine Accoutrements, American Blend:

Fine Accoutrements is known and loved by many a wet shaver. Mr. Fine’s takes on some of the most loved scents are quite impressive, and offer a worthy opportunity for many to wear the (oftentimes) costly colognes in an aftershave. American Blend is Todd’s staple barbershop scent, a take on Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche Pour Homme with notes of bergamot, star anise, rosemary, coumarin, geranium, cloves, lavender, oakmoss, vetiver, guaiac wood, and patchouli. On top of this quintessential Americana accord, the bottle itself bears the red, white, and blue barber pole seen at your local neighborhood barbershop.




Shear Revival Styling Clay, American Gardens:

One of the most revered, small-batch pomade companies in our proud country, Shear Revival has created American Gardens. Modeled after the horror film, American Psycho, this clay is a great choice for summer time, with many having to endure treacherous heat and face the woes of melted, wax-based pomades. This will give your hair a light-medium hold and, due to the included clay, will keep your ‘do with a natural, somewhat matte finish throughout the day. Bay leaf, punchy citrus, and fir needle make for a scent fit for a high-altitude hike on an early summer’s day.





Rex Supply Adjustable Stainless Steel Razor:

What fits better on a 4th of July curation than a hefty chunk of stainless steel CNC-machined to incredible precision and with mighty fine looks, right here in the U.S. of A.? Not too sure. This razor marks the first high-quality, CNC rendition of the vintage Gillette adjustable razor. All stainless steel components, the Rex Ambassador allows you to adjust the blade gap through 6 successive levels of aggression, and bearing a date code system on the base plate similar to that used on Gillette Fatboys, Slim Adjustables and more. What’s more, the construction of the top cap and base plate is such that the blade edge is held very stiff and will provide comfortable shaves for decades to come.





Oleo Soapworks Canard Shaving Soap, Very Cherry:

Oleo Soapworks’ duck fat-based soap has been catching the attention of many a wet shaver looking to try a premium soap on a budget… or just those looking to expand their (already overfilled) den! Very Cherry seemed fitting for this one; a warm, tart yet dark cherry with subtle, crisp lime making this a perfect homage to the cherry pie often served at the end of a July 4th BBQ. Duck fat places this soap among the top-tier soaps we know and love, with residual slickness and skin-healing properties putting similar ingredients to shame.





Shaver Heaven Vegan Shaving Soap, Honey Ale:

We are a proud seller of the recently re-introduced Shaver Heaven soaps. Their vegan soap base outperforms many in its class, with excellent lather density and slickness, and a supple face feel following the shave. Honey Ale is quite the gourmand collection of accords, with apple, strawberry, various citrus fruits, honey, amber, vanilla and beer making this a sweet nod to the strawberry cobbler my family often saw on the celebration of our country’s independence.






Declaration Grooming/Chatillon Lux Shaving Soap, Bon Vivant:

Still currently residing as the top soap in my den, Declaration Grooming has created a soap base so unique, high-quality and, yet easy-to-use, that I could see myself using these soaps exclusively. The company exudes American pride, with “Declaration” itself in the title, and a soap base made from Bison tallow taken from our land. Scott’s collaboration with unique fragrance/aftershave artisan Chatillon Lux has produced some of the most revered soaps in our community. Bon Vivant is my relation to the whiskey on the rocks I’ll have to seal the 4th of July festivities; notes of caramel, birch tar, black pepper, maple syrup, patchouli, neroli, petitgrain, yuzu citrus, ginger, anise, juniper berry, white grapefruit, wormwood and coriander make for a sweet, boozy accord perfect for this summer’s day.




Duke Cannon Brick of Soap, Naval Supremacy:

Duke Cannon was the proud supplier of military supplies during the Korean War, and is currently producing soap out of the same Minnesota-based factory of that time. The name says it all; this is a proud American soap, a gigantic, 10-oz brick that will last longer than all the other namby-pamby soaps you’ve used. Steel-cut grains embedded in the soap are fit for removing the toughened, built-up grime throughout the day. This blue soap features an aquatic, marine accord with subtle fougère-like notes for the perfect, summer-time scent.





Stirling Soap Co. Shave Soap, Ben Franklin:

Stirling Soap Co needs no intro, but here it goes: A quality soap at one of the best prices available on the market, Rod’s shaving soaps are a force to be reckoned with. What more fitting a shaving soap than one themed - and named - after one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Frankincense, clove, nutmeg and benzoin make this a spicy, warm, somewhat musty scent that will throw you back to the dark wooden halls, upon the well-worn coats of our founding fathers within Independence Hall. The soap itself will reward you with a thick, slick lather fit for a king and past politician alike.





Old Spice Original After Shave:

Nothing brings back the nostalgia of grooming habits from generations past like one of our country’s classics: Old Spice original aftershave. This true original was used by almost every man of the American mid-century, an inherently masculine accord with notes of lemon, orange, nutmeg, star anise, aldehydes, heliotrope, cinnamon, geranium, pimento, jasmine, carnation, tonka bean, vanilla, cedar, benzoin, ambergris, and musk. The result is a powdery, slightly spicy, floral and musky olfaction. For a slice of true Americana this 4th of July, check out this classic for yourself!





WCS Horn ⅝ Carbon Steel Straight Razor:

At the time of our founding fathers, safety razors had not been invented (this would change just over a century later). This meant that they had to whisk their whiskers away with the most time-tested tool of that time; the straight razor. At this time, many straight razors featured horn or bone scales, such as traditional J.A. Henckels or Wade & Butcher straights. This is more than just a trend; this timeless design has lasted for centuries as a manly, elegant, yet rugged piece of hardware that’ll bring a proud, freshly-shorn visage upon the owner of such tool. A ⅝, full hollow blade is the Goldilocks of straights; just right for dense growth, as well as for the typical shavers’ 1-3 days’ worth of growth.

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