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15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +
15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +

Always free US shipping on orders over $80!

Did you know at West Coast Shaving you can get FREE shipping on all US orders over $80? Need some practical and inexpensive product ideas to help you qualify for the free shipping? Here are some of our favorite products under $10 - many of them under $5 - to help you out.

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Sample blade pack, $6.25 - if you're a regular wet shaver, chances are you will always need more blades. Try one of our pre-made sample packs to help you discover a new favorite. 

Institut Karite After Shave Balm, $6.49 - This 1oz. balm is the perfect product for travel. It smells great and is sensitive skin friendly!

Blade Bank, $1 - The ultimate add-on for only a dollar, a metal blade bank is a safe way to dispose of your DE blades. When full, simply discard bank and start a new one.

Tube Roller Key, $1.79 - This nifty little gadget helps you save money by squeezing every last bit of product out of a package - simply attach to the end of a tube and roll!

Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, $5 - This is just a great little bar of soap. This workhorse is made with lanolin to keep your skin soft.

Styptic Pencil, $4 - Nobody's perfect. For those hurried mornings when you cut yourself shaving, you'll be so happy you have this styptic pencil on hand to treat the nicks.

Omega 10049 Shaving Brush, $9 - A great shaving brush for under $10! These boar brushes come in red, white, and black and are regularly referred to as "lather monsters" by our customers!

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