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An Interview with Scott from The Clean Shaver

We love chatting with people who love wet shaving as much as we do. So when we got a chance to talk with Scott, The Clean Shaver, we jumped at the opportunity to pick his brain about products and process. When he isn’t review, advising, and recommending, we asked Scott about what he is using to get a clean shave. Get in on our Q&A with this classic shaving guru.

Scott was introduced to wet shaving in 2013 when he received a starter kit for Christmas. And like so many classic shave fanatics, his interest grew and grew. About a year after the initial gift, he was starting a YouTube Channel (The Clean Shaver). It might just be the coolest thing since wet shaving, so you really should check it out. (You can see him shave his head with a straight razor, recommend razors, and review soaps and creams). In just two years, he has over 3000 subscribers. His day job has him working in digital marketing and business consulting. He’s been married to his sweetheart for nearly 10 year and they make “incredibly cute kids” together. Scott also travels frequently for work, so keep an eye on his Facebook page for places and times that he's planning meet ups.

  • WCS: How did you get into Wet Shaving?
  • Scott: My oldest brother introduced me to it when he bought me a starter kit for Christmas back in 2013. He started me off with a Mühle R89, a synthetic brush and the Proraso White soap, pre-shave oil, and aftershave.
  • WCS: Describe your facial hair and skin.
  • Scott: My facial hair is dark and fairly thick, but not super dense. I can grow a decent beard and have a few times over the past couple years. One of my challenges, though, is that I have dry skin and my facial hair grows in many directions. Wet shaving was a perfect solution to my razor burn woes.
  • WCS: What is your shave routine like? What time of day?
  • Scott: Depends, but usually either first thing in the morning or right before bed. I love sleeping on a freshly shaved head.
  • WCS: What products do you use? Open vs closed comb? Straight Razor?
  • Scott: I use lots of different razors, including straights, but usually default to a stainless or brass closed comb double edge razor. My current favorite razor is the Hone Type 15 double edge
  • WCS: What type of brush: Boar? Badger?
  • Scott: Again, I use them all, but my preference is usually a nice badger or synthetic. Brushes vary, but I really like my silvertip badger from Matthew Marting (Brushguy).
  • WCS: Any preferred shave creams or soaps?
  • Scott: Usually veer toward Artisan-made soaps. Favorites include Soap Commander, Catie's Bubbles, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements, and many others.
  • WCS: Aftershave: alcohol or no alcohol?
  • Scott: I like some alcohol, but not a ton. I don't know that I have a favorite, but I really enjoy this bottle of vintage Hai Karate that I found. It's great stuff.
  • WCS: Blade of choice:
  • Scott: Personna Lab Blue or Voskhod.
  • WCS: Any tips for someone new?
  • Scott: Take it easy and enjoy the ride. Shaving is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. As soon as it starts getting uncomfortable, stop immediately, and evaluate what's happening. And don't be afraid to reach out to ask for assistance.

Take a peek at what Scott is shaving with right here on West Coast Shaving.

  • Soap Commander - Soap Commander is a "mom & pop" company in Alabama delivering exceptional shaving products to discerning buyers. Born out of a desire to help battle their daughter's eczema, Darren and Carrie discovered soap making. Knowing their history means you can be assured their products are perfect for dry, easily irritated skin. They use natural ingredients and create mesmerizing scents.
  • Catie’s Bubbles - It is a common story around here - hobby turned passion turned small business. Artisan soapmaker, Chris Cullen, took his passion for soapmaking and created Catie's Bubbles (named after his daughter). Made with simple, natural, vegetable and fruit-based ingredients, his shaving soaps are topping the lists of best artisan soaps. Coconut oil and glycerin create a moisturizing lather and protection for multiple passes of the blade. His shaving soaps are very thirsty so they have the capacity to hold a lot of water. You'll love the lather, but you will adore the scents.

  • Personna Lab Blue
    - For over 135 years, Personna, the descendants of the original safety razors, have been a parade of firsts: Stainless steel blades, guards, female disposable razors, tungsten steel double blades, all firsts in the industry and part of an unrivaled legacy of innovation. Today, Personna continues to develop new product designs and provide a carefully crafted selection of only the best and most technologically advanced razors and blades on the market.
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