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Beach Bum Curation-West Coast Shaving

Beach Bum Curation

If your idea of a good time includes sand, sun, surf, and umbrella drinks, then check our our list of products sure to help with a "tropical contact high" - some boozy, some balmy, some beachy, but all perfect for a "get away from it all" moment.




Oleo Soapworks Shaving Soap, Caribbean Dream:

A recent WCS favorite, Ole Soapworks’ Vida Perez-Velazguez is making the underdog of duck-fat based soaps. Many similar bases come with a high price and (due to its ingredents), the somewhat gamey, animalic aroma of duck fat peeks through. With these killer soaps, however, this is not the case. Vida’s scents are, in our opinion, very well blended, with each olfactory experience calming, yet significantly different from their fellow brethren of the lineup. Caribbean Dream is Vida’s nod to a warm summer’s day on the beach, Piña Colada in hand. Warm, smooth and crisp coconut combines with dark rum, with the pure, yet ancient marine sand lingering in the foreground. Pineapple is the final player in this aroma, a background supporting note that is inviting, not piercing to the senses (like many pineapple-forward scents). Their soap base will leave you with top-tier slickness and cushion, and a nourishing post shave that leaves moisturizing products at the curb.



Byrd Texturizing Surfspray:

Byrd is the first name in high-quality grooming products (from scent to ingredients) to wash up from the calming, cool waves of the west coast. While their pomades earn high praise - with a killer medium-hold, wax-based pomade that washes out easy - their Surfspray is a force to be reckoned with. Sea salt and coconut water give the hair the signature volume and dry texture you’d expect after a few hours of carving waves on a hot summer’s day. Rosemary leaf extract, quinoa protein, sunflower seed oil, horsetail extract, and many more botanicals moisturize the hair for style completely uncompromised. This coconut and pineapple oil-scented spray seems to bolster the intense, yet calming aroma of hot, dusty beach sand.



Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Platinum:

Fine Accoutrements has quickly become a staple in wet shaving, a name that will be widely remembered by the enthusiast and novice alike. Platinum is Mr. Fine’s take on one of Creed’s most popular fragrance, Aventus. Of all the spin-offs I’ve smelled, Platinum is among the top three closest to this elegant, encompassing fragrance. Known far and wide as the “smoky pineapple”, this complex scent has notes of blackcurrant leaves, bergamot, apple, pineapple, pink berries, birch, patchouli, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, and vanilla. This is truly an olfactory rollercoaster and, while pineapple is at its forefront, the complex, fougère-like undertones make this a sophisticated summer wear or business-appropriate scent alike.



Cremo Shave Cream, Coconut Mango:


For many of us, whipping up a quality, well-hydrated lather can cut into a late-started morning or busy schedule. In comes Cremo, a quality, non-lathering shave cream that creates a ridiculously slick surface upon which a razor can effortlessly glide. The botanical oils make a virtually friction-free surface, while stearic acid creates a dense layer to protect each hair. Their coconut mango is a bit more soft and “perfumey”, the smooth and juicy sweetness of the mango fruit combine with sandy coconut for a perfect scent for the ladies looking for a quick, quality lather!



Wholly Kaw Shaving Soap, Noce Di Cocco:

For many of us wet shavers, we prefer quality over quantity… and some of us still prefer both! Sri’s quality products have landed these soaps at many an experienced soap collector’s "best of" list. The sustainably-harvested, U.S-based donkey milk provides virtually the best skin feel of any moisturizing agent. Hydrate this soap properly, and you’re rewarded with a silky, shiny lather that is incredibly stable, nourishing, comforting, and slick. Unlike Sri’s calming, captivating, and labyrinthine olfactions, Noce Di Cocco is the simple scent of coconut. Dry, sandy, nutty, and slightly sweet, this will put you in the mood for a quick trip to Bora Bora!



Meißner Tremonia Shaving Soap, Salty Sage:

Thomas, of Meißner Tremonia, is Germany’s equivalent of some of the United States’ top artisans. He bases his soaps around ancient African soap formulations, and scent profiles that use obscure, earthy, yet natural accords. Like many of Thomas’ soaps, salty sage has a somewhat “soily” savoriness, with notes of ground sea salt, dusty sage, fresh and aromatic camphor and dry, woody amyris. The performance is different than anything you’d expect from some of our beloved domestic artisans. When hydrated with enough water, the lather will be dense and slick, yet will appear somewhat see-through and feel very light on the face. While this may give you the illusion that you’re not going to get sufficient protection, this fades as soon as you take your first stroke of the razor. Upper-class cushion, elite-level slickness and light, yet hydrated skin feel after your shave make this soap a contender for your top spot. Oh, and the black glass container is absolutely killer too.



D.R. Harris Ocean Shampoo Bar, 50 g:

D.R. Harris is known for their fine, luxurious and age-old scents. Fragrances that hold their heads high above the others throughout generations. While colognes such as Arlington and Windsor may take the limelight, their top-tier shampoo bars are something that our WCS staff swears by. These small bars pack a mighty punch, so don’t let their price fool you. With Ocean, you get months upon months of a gently oceanic-scented lather infused with sea salt to help texturize and revitalize thin hair. Simply rub between the palms or directly onto the hair to make this work its magic!



Imaginary Authors Eau de Parfume, Falling Into the Sea:

If you follow these curations, you know that Josh Meyers’ modern art-inspired fragrance house, Imaginary Authors, is a house favorite. Josh’s ability to create complex, well-rounded accords in just a few listed notes is inherently awe-inspiring. Falling Into the Sea is one such example; the story of an autobiographical love affair in the Gulf of Naples, Josh sums this scent up quite well. Sunshine in a bottle. Notes of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lychee, tropical flowers and warm sand. While these notes may seem similar to some already on this list, the inclusion of tropical jasmine flower turns this scent into a different beast entirely. Juicy lychee is bolstered by sharp, yet smooth citruses of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit. Soft, silvery jasmine rounds out the accord for something much more mature and sophisticated. Fit for a drink at a bayside bar or a nice dinner out on the town.



Abbate Y La Mantia Shaving Soap, Don Josè:

A recent addition to the WCS family, Abbate Y La Mantia holds a very luxurious spot in the world of wet shaving. The Abbate Y La Mantia project is the collaboration of a family-owned saffron farm in Italy with soapmaker Tcheon Fung Sing. The result is a soap base using the saponified oil of the world’s most expensive spice, saffron; taken from the pistils of the Crocus sativus flower. In effect, you get one of the most extravagant, most quickly-lathering lathers (hope you’re still following along!) with very sophisticated fragrance profiles. Don Josè is a natural, somewhat sweet accord of starchy, sweet banana and fresh coconut making a truly summertime scent spun with an aura of nostalgia. Light menthol gives a kiss of cooling to remind you to take a break in the heat of the day and its activities!



Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Shaving Soap, Al Fin:

PAA is one of the top names in the game of vegan soap bases. It’s why we came to them with the task of creating our soaps! The included oils and butters make this vegan soap behave much like a tallow-based soap; but beware, the soap loads heavy and thick, so start with a somewhat wet brush to begin with. Douglas, owner and scent-crafter of the PAA line, created Al Fin as a complex aquatic, yet woodsey accord, and was the first fragrance he felt he made that was worthy of truly belonging in perfumery. This olfactory story includes rose, bay leaf, lemon myrtle, vetiver, white clover, cypress, helichrysum, ambrette, geranium, and tobacco absolute for an immersive accord that is quite difficult to describe. We’ve never smelled anything like it; it’s daunting, yet inviting. Daring, yet comforting enough to use as a daily driver. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself!



Barrister and Mann Eau de Parfum, Romance in Middlesex County:

From the very beginning, Will - of Barrister and Mann - has had an incredible knack for perfumery. His daring approach to fragrances has been uncompromised and relentless, pushing boundaries in perfumery that have made Will the very definition of a foreboding underdog. Romance in Middlesex County is his sultry mosaic of the essence of summer; flighty jasmine, juicy apricot and tangerine, and floral yet musky lily of the valley give way to a spicy base of cardamom, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss, ground coffee and fresh laundry. In wearing, the predominant notes (on my skin) have been apricot, fresh laundry, natural coffee-infused air, and oakmoss. This was a very bold move in fragrance, yet has been formulated in a way where, while intended for summer, can be worn for any time you need a pick me up!



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