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Beard Care Grooming ‘Go-To’ Products-West Coast Shaving

Beard Care Grooming ‘Go-To’ Products

While growing facial might come naturally, keeping it in tip-top shape isn’t always as intuitive. Instead of a tangled, wiry, out-of-control face forest, you want a sleek, tamed, well-shaped badge of masculine glory. And we can get you there with these great beard care grooming go-to products from West Coast Shaving.

The first step in beard care is, of course, the growing of the beard! You can’t rush this step, but you can encourage good growth by fueling your body correctly and investing in products to aid in healthy growth. At West Coast Shaving, we carry specialized beard wash and nourishing beard oils for optimal beard hair health. 

Once you have the beard you’ve always wanted, then check out our beard balms and waxes to tame and style those strands to perfection -- however you define it: goatee, fu manchu, handlebar, chinstrap. Whether clearly defined or living on the wild side, find what you need with these beard care products. Pick the right tools to tame your hirsute achievement as well. And when you need some special care, we have intensive moisturizers and conditioners to get you back on track.

Beard Wash & Conditioner

Take a look at the hair growing out of your face. Clearly, it is different than the hair growing from your head. Therefore, it needs something different than the shampoo you use regularly. Traditional hair shampoos and facial soaps can dry out the skin under your beard and leave residue behind.  And those wiry strands are prone to breakage as well, so investing in a beard wash and conditioner will help to keep your whiskers nourished and moisturized. We recommend Bluebeards whole line of beard washes and conditioners.    

Beard Oil

We simply can’t say enough about beard oils! They really are an essential beard care product. Beard oils penetrate deep into your strands to moisturize, condition, and strengthen. It can reduce beard-ruff, itchiness, and irritation by nourishing the skin beneath your strands, and it aids in healthy growth by reducing breakage and hydrating your whiskers. And if that ain’t enough, they smell fantastic!!! SO many great beard oil choices are on the market today.

      Beard Balm & Tamer

      Now that you’ve encouraged healthy growth, keep that face forest from revolting with a beard balm or tamer that will keep the fly-aways from. . . flying away (as well as scent your strands). A balm will continue to nourish your whiskers and it adds a little staying power to keep your mane tame.


      Beard Wax & Styling 

      When you need a little more hold to create an epic style, then you should reach for a beard wax or styling putty to keep your whiskers standing tall. From handlebars to French forked, get a full hold for your favorite beard style.

      Beard Brush & Shaping Tool

      Why a brush just for your unruly face forest? Because a mug that epic needs extra special care. Using a short bristle brush helps to evenly distribute your natural oils throughout your facial hair which softens and conditions your beard. A good brushing will keep your beard looking healthy and tamed. And if your beard needs a little more care, try this leave-in conditioner from Abraham's.

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