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2 Day Sale: 15% Off On All TOBS Products!
Beat the Heat Curation-West Coast Shaving

Beat the Heat Curation

With temperatures reaching triple digits in many parts of the country (and world), Eric has pulled together some mentholated offering to help you beat the heat. From mild cooling to full-on face freezers, we have options for every "menth head".


Fine Accoutrements Aftershave Tonic, Snake Bite:

We all know and love the Fine name in traditional wet shaving. They make some of the FINEst grooming products by recreating the elegancy of some of the most beloved scents in men’s fragrance. But with Snake Bite, they have broken this trend. This is simply an aftershave with a healthy dose of menthol crystals. The intense fire of the alcohol burn followed quickly by the icy kick of menthol will leave you frigid and ready to take on the heat; quite literally.



Chiseled Face Groomatorium Shaving Soap, Cryogen:

Chiseled Face has been making high quality shaving soaps at an incredible price since 2018, and we couldn’t be happier. With a vast array of eclectic fragrances, there is sure to be a scent for everyone in Ron’s lineup. Not so with Cryogen. This shaving soap is not for one who enjoys menthol; it’s for those who simply cannot get enough of it. Across the uneven, frothy soap peaks on the surface of the lather are intertwined webs of menthol crystals. At such a high concentration not even scent components could be added, this soap will have tears running down your face before you can even finish your first pass. With a killer performance yielding a stable, cushioning, and slick lather, with a great post shave, this is an incredible choice for a hot day. Or rather, load a few swirls of this soap along with a favorite scented soap of yours for the added cooling!



Meißner Tremonia Shaving Soap, Indian Flavour:

My current favorite artisan from across the pond, Thomas of Meißner Tremonia makes some of the most ethereal soap scents available. Indian Flavour is not what your presumptions may lead you to believe. Not a spicy scent, this soap features notes of green coriander, sweet and floral lemongrass, sharp mint, and annatto seeds - which give this soap its red color and somewhat savoury base note. Along with this earthy, floral, and green accord is a gentle touch of menthol, a friendly reminder to slow down, enjoy the shave, and be thankful to take part in such an exquisite, exotic shave. While this looks somewhat different than a traditional, dense lather, once hydrated properly, this soap has an upper tier level of all the important metrics: density, cushion, glide, residual slickness, and post shave feel.



Proraso After Shave Splash, Menthol and Eucalyptus:

One of the top dogs in wet shaving, Italian grooming company, Proraso has been reaching the unkempt for over half a century with some of the most classic scents available. Their menthol and eucalyptus aftershave splash is the name of the game in daily driving aftershaves. This green nectar features the slightly floral, green, and somewhat medicinal tinge of eucalyptus with the minty freshness of menthol for an Italian barbershop classic right on your counter.



Stirling Shaving Soap Co., Margaritas in the Arctic:

In the more niche world of wet shaving - wherein many of us within the hobby reside - Stirling holds a high place in our dens. Rod knows just how to make a quality shaving soap at a price so ridiculous you’d have to make an excuse for why you don’t have one of these on your shelf. Margaritas in the Arctic (nicknamed MITA) is one of Rod’s most acclaimed scents; an exact iteration of this boozy summertime drink with lime and orange on the forefront, a bright and crisp citrus duo. The added menthol is not so strong it’ll leave your face numb, but you’ll definitely know it’s there! For a great quality lather with high level slickness, great density and slickness at a great price, look no further.



Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap, Accomplishment:

A curation favorite at WCS, Duke Cannon needs no intro. A Korean-War-infantry-supply-factory-turned-men’s-grooming-company, these soaps will leave those mass-produced, plastic bottled liquid soaps on the shelves forever. Ten ounces of slick, easy-lathering soap contains steel cut grains for a slight exfoliation, and the light touch of menthol along with pungent peppermint make this a great early summer morning pick-me-up.



Barrister & Mann Aftershave Splash, Cool:

Will - of Barrister and Mann fame - has a desire for creating men’s fragrance and quality soaps that has left this titan of wet shaving infrequently rivaled. Cool is Will’s reverse engineered take on the discontinued Floid Blue; lemon, lavender and bergamot make for a floral, green, powdery and surprisingly earthy recreation of this classic scent. While the Cool soap is set in the ever infamous Reserve soap base, the real menthol star of this show is the Cool splash. With an extensive list of botanical extracts and a slight cooling sensation, this a truly skin-loving post shave product that deserves to be on every man’s shelf.



Duke Cannon Aftershave Balm:

A man’s man doesn’t have to neglect his visage, or any other aspects of his grooming regimen for that matter. Hours of hard work is usually cleaned up by a cheap soap that strips all oils from your skin which, while left clean, will then be dry, barren, and itchy. Duke Cannon is here to take care of you. With their recent venture into men’s shaving products, they’ve continued their tradition for achieving high quality with no nonsense into this cooling aftershave balm. For a tried-and-true solution for your soap-scorched skin, this balm features aloe and shea butter for calming and hydrating your dry skin, while allantoin heals the skin and menthol provides a lasting cooling. The scent is the simple, yet effective inclusion of dry, ashy, and slightly spicy sandalwood.



Soap Commander Aftershave Balm, Honor:

It’s quite rare that a beloved wet shaving artisan creates a mentholated post shave lotion. Soap Commander is here to save the day with their mentholated aftershave balm. As some may be familiar, Soap Commander handmakes all-vegan, sensitive skin-friendly grooming products, and this is no exception. Being of military background, Soap Commander’s scents don names harkening to some of the most desirable traits within a war-ready soldier or, well, YOU for that matter! Honor is their take on the classic barbershop scent, a scent created at long last through multiple trials leading to a smooth blend of orange, bergamot, basil leaf, oakmoss, patchouli, aromatic spices, and a touch of tobacco and honey. The sharp tinge of citrus is surrounded by the sharp floral basil, yet this accord is a sum greater than its parts; clean, floral, woody, and deceptively sweet. My personal favorite aftershave balm, the texture of this is light, yet incredibly protective and features a menthol kick noticeable for quite some time!



Marvis Mouthwash Concentrate:

I get that our skin is likely the first line of contact influenced by the cold. But isn’t there something refreshing about a minty toothpaste leaving you with the freshest breath possible? Marvis listened and answered, soon creating a cult-like following for their expansive line of toothpastes. But the rage doesn’t stop here; their extremely potent mouthwash concentrate will single-handedly choke out every single bad breath bacteria it contacts… Okay maybe not, but it sure feels like it. Intensely cooling, just a very small amount of this will leave you fresh, squeaky, and minty clean, and the powerful potion is presented in a manner fit for the utmost royalty.



Antica Barbieria Colla Aftershave Milk, Green Tobacco:

Antica holds the title as one of the highest tier, most luxurious men’s grooming companies in the entire world. With humble beginnings traced back to the early 20th century, this grooming monarch now features an impressive display of elegant men’s items, from shampoos and hair lotions to shaving creams and aftershave milks. Here lies their famous aftershave milk that is a popular contender here at WCS. These post shave products may make you hesitate at their price point, but have no fear. In practicality, hardly a pea-sized is needed to soothe your entire face and neck following a close BBS shave. While thick, we find this works better applied to damp skin, and you’ll also notice the gentle nudge of menthol inviting itself into the humble abode that is your freshly shorn countenance. Green Tobacco is a gentleman’s scent; woody, soily, yet bright; and floral tobacco flower put you at the head of the table, the front of the line, or the top of the podium.   

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