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12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves Splashes
Best Straight Razor Kit for Beginners (& Pros)-West Coast Shaving

Best Straight Razor Kit for Beginners (& Pros)

Getting started on the straight razor journey can be intimidating. Even more than double edge safety razor shaving, straight razor shaving stakes are high. The tools are impressive, but expensive. The learning curve is steep, and SHARP! And the techniques are numerous, and go beyond just shaving to also maintaining the blade. But, the results are impressive and the benefits numerous. So, how do you even begin to dip your toe in this traditional shaving pool? West Coast Shaving is here to help with a curated straight razor kit that will hit all the bases for beginner. . . and even seasoned. . .  shavers.

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What you need in a straight razor kit & Why you need a straight razor kit

  • Straight Razor 

Why a straight razor? Some will argue it is the ultimate in traditional shaving for a number of reasons. 

    • First, you have a longer edge, which reduces the number of passes of the blade so you get less irritation.
    • Secondly, proper technique has you stretching the skin so that you are opening the pores and pushing more of the hair follicle up to meet blade. This results in a smooth finish.
    • Third, you get a cleaner shave --- literally. With a straight razor there isn’t gunk getting clogged in the head. And a clean razor means those micro abrasions, nicks, and cuts have less chance of getting infected.

      • Strop

      • That little bit of leather is needed to keep your edge in tip-top shape. By running the blade along the strop, you warm up the steel and work out the microscopic nicks created by your shave. When you strop, you take the flat of the blade and run it back and forth on a piece of taut leather, held at about waist level, letting the weight of the blade exert the pressure. A razor edge is the thinnest in the world so even a hair can leave an impression. Before every shave you need to strop. A double-sided strop with cotton or linen is great for cleaning off the oxidation from the straight razor before it touches the leather.

      • Shaving Brush

      • A shaving brush is necessary for whipping up the lather that you need to protect your face from the shave. A good shaving brush will serve a number of purposes. Of course, it will create the lather, but it will also exfoliate your face and lift the whiskers to prepare them for the blade.

      • Shaving Soap

      • A specially formulated shaving soap, with just the right ingredients to hydrate, protect, and nourish your skin, is the perfect addition to your straight razor kit. The  rich, dense lather is stable to withstand multiple passes. It is lubricating to create a glide that reduces irritation. Lastly, shaving soap is hydrating/nourishing to keep your skin healthy and protected from microscopic nicks & cuts. 

        Our Favorite Beginner Straight Razor Kit



        WCS Black Straight Razor Set. This is the perfect straight razor kit for getting started. 

        • A traditional and classy black handled straight razor is durable and inexpensive. You can pick your favorite in ⅝” or 6/8”  
        • Add a black strop - stamped with West Coast Shaving.
        • You can pick a black handled brush in a variety of hair grades.
        • Choosing your favorite soap is next (and if you can’t decide on just one, get the sample pack with numerous scents.)
        • We also offer a number of add-on items for your convenience - stands, bowls, splashes will take your shave to the next level.

        Our Favorite Pro Straight Razor Kit



        WCS Luxury Straight Razor. If you know “cut-throat” is the way to go, then you might want to invest in some splurge-worthy tools. This straight razor kit allows you to do that.

        • Elegant scales can create a timeless, lovely tool. 
        • A black strop to compliment your razor and decor.
        • Get your shaving brush in natural badger hair to whip up a great lather.
        • Have a favorite WCS soap? Get a 2oz puck in a seasonal scent
        • Add on items to complete the perfect shaving experience.

        What items do you want in a straight razor kit? Have we hit all the highlights? Is there something indispensable in your shaving routine that we shouldn’t overlook in a kit? Let us know in the comments .


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