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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Bolin Webb: Sleek Cartridge Razors For An Artful Shave-West Coast Shaving

Bolin Webb: Sleek Cartridge Razors For An Artful Shave

We're not sure where it started. Maybe it happened when people started decorating each other's houses and ambushing their friends with makeovers on TV. Maybe it was the onset of “manscaping” as a thing, or the moment when guys started wearing flip-flops and caring about making their feet look a little less gnarly in the light of day.

Wherever it started, we have to face facts: Looks matter, probably more than they ever did before. And the craving for good-looking stuff has finally made us take a closer look at the items we use every day. For example, did you ever wonder why a razor has to look like, well, a razor? The design innovators at Bolin Webb did. And they've challenged themselves to re-imagine razors for our image-obsessed world.

Why we're featuring it:

We never thought we'd see a razor featured in an art museum. But then again, we don't understand those paintings that are just big red squares, either. What we do know is that Bolin Webb's razors are way better looking than the red squares. So we guess it's logical that they're displayed in the store at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Their cool, sleek lines and modern design make every other cartridge razor look boxy and boring. They've won multiple awards for product design and innovation, and we love that they've given us a daily-use item with the imagination to go from still life to real life.

Why we like it:

We can hear what you're saying now: Yeah, but just because something's pretty doesn't mean it's practical. Too true. Fortunately, it just so happens that when these guys set out to re-invent the razor, they spent as much time on the performance as they did on the looks. Drugstores may have conditioned you to have fairly low expectations of a cartridge razor, but what Bolin Webb has come up with is like the Aston Martin of the shaving world. It's unbelievably comfortable in your hand, grips well, and it'll turn on a dime if you need it to (not that we recommend shaving so dangerously). No other cartridge razor has ever made us feel quite so smugly hip or so smoothly shorn.

Who this is for:

If you're into the finer details and you've got an eye for design, then there's no reason to have anything but a Bolin Webb gracing your bathroom counter every morning. And if you never thought of yourself as an aesthete, but you're looking for a modern shave experience with a razor that feels great in your hand, then give these a try.

Who this is not for:

We know the cartridge razor is a polarizing tool among shave enthusiasts. If they're not your bag, then no amount of design innovation is likely to change your mind. And speaking of appearances, if your vibe is more vintage than vanguard, you may find Bolin Webb to be a bit too mod for your mornings.

You need this:

  • Bolin Webb R1-S Razor, Monza Red: A sleek design with a bold color is right up our alley for this cartridge razor. It uses a Gilette Mach3 head with a gorgeous red handle. 
  • Bolin Webb R1-S Razor, Blue 3000: Red too bold for your tastes? This stunning blue-handled razor gives just as close of a shave and looks just as stunning on display.
  • Bolin Webb R1 Razor, Argent: The sophisticated look of the silver Bolin Webb razor is perfect for shaving enthusiasts who love a modern design and a close, comfortable shave.

Shop for Bolin Webb at West Coast Shaving here.

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