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20% Off All WCS Branded Products!

Byrd Hairdo Products: Surfer Chic

Why We're Featuring it: 

If you’ve ever spent a day at the beach, then you know the power of sun, surf, and sand to relax away your worries, soak away your stress, and create rockin’ good hair. All those elements are at the forefront of Byrd Hairdo products: classic 60s vibe, on-the-go styling for a gentleman surfer.

Professional surfer and Newport, CA native, Chase “Big Bird” Wilson hatched his idea for a modern day pomade in 2012. He was inspired by stories of his grandfather’s barbershop and hair tonic in Fargo, ND. He developed the first batch of Byrd’s Original Pomade just steps away from iconic Echo Beach, Newport, CA. 

Why We Like it:

Bryd promotes the idea of men’s grooming as an important part of one’s lifestyle. The 50s and 60s saw a style before its time, according to Wilson. (Think James Dean and Steve McQueen, a little bit greaser and little bit rebel, but never without a trusty pocket comb.) Byrd tries to re-capture that era’s appreciation for daily grooming and looking your best, no matter the occasion. 

But they also understand the on-the-go lifestyle of our mobile society. So, their styling products are packaged and ready to fly with you anywhere you flap your wings. Pick your hold and sheen and get stylin’. 

  • Classic “The Slick Byrd” = firm hold/medium sheen
  • Matte “The Dirty Byrd” = firm hold/no sheen 
  • Light “The Free Byrd” = light hold/high sheen 

Or grab their shampoo bar or soap-on-the-rope and cleanse your hair, face, and body with one product. How efficient it that!?! Their packaging reflects that simple sentiment -portable, screw top tins with high contrast yellow writing on black background. 

They are the epitome of careless chic. Dress with care, and then forget about what you’re wearing altogether. Don’t let your feathers get ruffled. Be confident in yourself (and your styling products) and it will shine through. 


Who it’s for: 

Anyone who wants to get the women flocking! Laid back surfer, brooding rebel, rugged cowboy or slick corporate tycoon, you can do it all with Byrd Hairdo Products. And you can have it all on-the-go, as these products are designed for those with a busy lifestyle.

You Must Have: 

  • “The Slick Byrd” classic pomade– simply a great “go-to” pomade. Strong hold to last all day with a medium sheen. 
  • Limited edition Byrd Bath Shampoo Bar – this won’t be around for long so grab it while you can. Use it for your hair, face, and body. One product can do it all. And it lasts a long time too. Lightly scented with a sweet coconut aroma. 
  • "The Dirty Byrd" matte pomade - another firm hold pomade, but without the sheen. When you want the slick without the shine, grab the dirty byrd.

Find more Byrd products here!

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