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Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!
Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!

Choice Beard Co. Keeps Your Mountain Beard Tame


Are you growing out your facial hair for Movember? Or is your excuse the cooling weather and your need for extra face warmth? Whatever the reason, keep your whiskers looking smooth while you let them grow a little. Tame the itch that comes along with the beard or style that new 'stache. Either way, Choice Beard & Co. will help you look good and smell great. The clean scents of the outdoors and the pure ingredients will bring you back to nature.

Try the beard oils from Choice Beard in these five fantastic scents:

  • Revive: cedar, clove, citrus, and frankincense
  • G-1: vetiver, pine, and coffee
  • India Pale: our newest oil from Choice Beard smells of hops flower, black pepper, pine, and citrus
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