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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Cinco De Mayo Curation-West Coast Shaving

Cinco De Mayo Curation

In commemoration of the Mexican defeat of the French Empire in 1862, Mexicans celebrate Cinco De Mayo (5th of May). It has also taken on significance in the United States as an opportunity to extol Mexican-American culture. So, Eric has curated a list of items that help us celebrate Mexican food, culture, scent, sights, and smells. You are sure to find something on this list to enjoy!



Stirling Shaving Soap Company, Margaritas in the Arctic:

An unarguable, classic drink on the 5th of May, the humble Margarita makes its entrance into the world of shaving (bet that’s the first time you’ve heard that, huh?). Luckily, the ever sought-after Stirling Soap Co. has picked up the reigns and given us their iteration of this citrusy cocktail, imparting a hefty dose of sharp lime and piercing menthol upon your stubbled visage. As we’re now all familiar, Rod has produced a value soap of undebatable quality; a great price, a fast loading time, and a slick, thick lather that draws novices and veterans alike.



Oleo Soapworks Canard Shaving Soap, Caribbean Dream:

Oleo is a recent addition to the WCS family, and we couldn’t be happier. Their “Canard” duck fat-based soap provides some of the best shaves you can find among the top artisans, under a price that gives similar soap bases of much higher cost a run for their money. While I’m not typically a “beachy” citrus fan, Caribbean Dream was one of the main hitters for me in their lineup. First and foremost is a healthy dose of coconut rounded out by a blanket of warm sand, with a creeping pineapple note that completes the scent with a contrasting citrus. This will take you to a calm afternoon on Puerto Morelos Beach, Piña Colada in hand.



Wholly Kaw Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, Cuero Oscuro:

Spanish for “Dark Leather”, Cuero Oscuro is a scent that is made for the strong-willed, unwavering man, for the one who prefers worn-in work boots to wingtips, and a beaten biker jacket to a sport coat. While Wholly Kaw usually delivers a smooth, clean, warm, and well-blended scent, this is - as Sri puts it himself - off the beaten path. Leather, vetiver, cedarwood, tobacco, patchouli, oakmoss, and black coffee make this one of the most aggressively-scented shaving soaps I’ve ever smelled while still keeping the telltale smoothness of each of Sri’s scents. His donkey’s milk-infused shaving soaps (dubbed “WKDM” among us enthusiasts) yield a shave that leaves others outside the loop, clamoring for a tub once they catch word.



Los Angeles Shaving Soap Co. Black Rose Shaving Soap:

Recently reformulated by Ron of Chiseled Face Groomatorium, the LASSCo soap line has been given new life, with a killer performance and the same scents that we’ve come to know and love from one of the original artisans on the shaving soap scene. Activated charcoal and French red clay give this new base tremendous lather stability, while dark notes of rose absolute, cedarwood, geranium, labdanum, juniper, jasmine, clove, vetiver, and lime result in a truly righteous, complex rose that brings you to the pews of a Catholic mass, while incense burns and roses adorn the crown of Virgen de Guadalupe.



West Coast Shaving No. 9 Denali Shaving Soap:

One of our favorites here at WCS, our Denali shaving soap will deliver you some of the slickest shaves you’ve ever experienced, with a vegan formulation that performs just like many of the tallow soaps I’ve come to know and love. Scented with Spearmint oil, this has drawn some nostalgic memories of our customer service guru Evelyn, who grew up with Mexician-made Canel’s gum candy and, more specifically, with their green Spearmint gum as a family favorite! While we opted out of a spearmint-scented aftershave cologne, pairing this with a heavily mentholated aftershave is highly recommended.



Stirling Shaving Soap Company, Orange Chill:

Back on the table is Stirling Soap Co., and we just can’t help it. With their value, it’s hard to justify not getting one of their green-jarred masterpieces. We’re taking Orange Chill as a bit of a nod toward Tampico’s “Citrus Punch”, with a bright, candy-like orange note and a biting menthol that reminds most of this popular citrus drink, along with perhaps SunnyD or the popular Orange Creamsicle! As aforementioned, you’ll be thanking yourself for getting your hands on one of the most popular artisan shaving soaps on the market.



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