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Confidence Curation-West Coast Shaving

Confidence Curation

Power broker, power lunch, power hungry. If you are in the business of big business (or even just a small business), having a scent that makes you stand out, stand up, or stand tall can go a long way. Eric has compiled a list of scents that can do just that - classic confidence building. So square your shoulders, raise your chin, and look life straight in the eye. You got this!


Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Eton College:

Taylor of Old Bond Street is the name of the game in traditional lathering shaving creams. Their dense and rich formulation gives you an equally impressive lather, with incredible cushion and conditioning to your wiry whiskers and roughened visage. Eton College is one of Taylor of Old Bond Street’s original fragrances created upon their selection as barbershop to the Eton Public School. The Eton College was - and still is - a famed school with a six centuries-old history of providing pure, unapologetic academic excellence. For a school of such prestige, Taylor produced an equally irreproachable accord of bright lemon, orange, and sweet tangerine atop an aromatic heart of florals resting on a bed of patchouli. This is a fragrance sure to spark your creative pathways and keep you in charge of your day.



Barrister & Mann Reserve Shaving Soap, Cool:

When it comes to keeping calm, cool, and collected, you need to remain worry-free and maintain a positive outlook. For me, famed B&M’s “Cool” shaving soap takes an accord I believe to be the epitome of confidence, Floid Blue, and wraps it within one of the most acclaimed soap bases on the market. Cool is a simple, yet effective trio of lemon, bergamot, and lavender. Lemon takes the lead in this fragrance and, becauses of the stress-reducing impact of its primary constituent, Limonene, I find that this crisp blend puts my mind back on track and focused on the true important matters at hand. Bergamot and lavender remain supportive characters that bring you to an early morning’s shave at a traditional Italian barbershop. Even more, Barrister’s “Reserve” soap base will reward you with one of the slickest, most comfortable lathers you could ever hope for. But beware; it’s a very thirsty base so load light (25 swirls, per Will’s recommendation), and don’t be afraid of adding water.



St. James of London Mandarin and Patchouli Cologne:

St. James of London has been around for some time, and we are happy to finally take them on as a part of the West Coast Shaving family. St. James takes on the traditional head British grooming companies with their artisan-level products; unique fragrance combinations, high quality ingredients and a plethora of nourishing oils within their luxurious shaving creams. As with others mentioned on the list already, this duo is bright and citrusy. Woody olfactory accords are complex and demanding, but oftentimes wear too heavy for a bright and early pick-me-up. Mandarin is a brilliant head feature, with the tangy, sour effervescent citrus compounds dancing with sweet, juicy notes, while being tamed by earthy, rooty and smokey patchouli. Clean and pure, yet unique and powerful, this is the perfect partner for taking charge of your busy day.



Ariana & Evans Summer Fig Shaving Soap:

With wet shaving artisans taking over the scene of soft soaps, many clamor for soaps that include a sea of conditioning, nourishing oils. And while that’s a great consideration for us dry-skinned folk, Ariana & Evans’ (A&E)  new soap formula has proven this may not be necessary (*drop the mic*). It seems a majority of the incredible slickness and post shave skin feel come from the included cocoa butter and generous lanolin. Summer Fig brings natural scents into the limelight, with notes of bergamot, tangerine, ripe fig, jasmine, sandalwood, oakmoss and musk. The result paints the picture of a slightly over-ripened fig upon freshly waterlogged soil. Sweet, fruity, and earthy combined in an elegant and calming olfactory accord.



Wholly Kaw Donkey Milk + Tallow Shaving Soap, Pompelmo:

Known for his beautifully complex and sophisticated fragrances, Sri’s offerings leave nothing to be desired. What’s more, his Donkey Milk and Tallow-based soaps are regarded as one of - if not the - best shaving soaps on the market. Wonderfully slick, beautifully dense, and incredibly nourishing, there’s no doubt why. However, Wholly Kaw’s most recent offerings, Pompelmo and Noce di Cocco are a flip of the script with single-note scent profiles. Pompelmo is a grapefruit accord, and is a beauty in its simplicity. Unlike lemon, this is not a sharp citrus scent  (although grapefruit does also contains high amounts of limonene). Grapefruit oil also contains olfactory alcohols that yield a citrus head (well duh!) bolstered by rosey, lavender-like floral whisps. Clean, citrusy, smooth, and natural; this is a calm morning’s walk through a dew-laden citrus garden as you ready yourself for the day’s successes.



Old Spice Classic After Shave Lotion:

Ah, the olden days. A time of simplicity, of fewer distractions and a reverence for the world around us. Old Spice is a name common to most, but many have not experienced the true Old Spice Original that sat upon the shelves of countless men almost a century to half a century ago. Well, now you have this opportunity. A cult classic, this features notes of nutmeg, lemon, orange, star anise, aldehydes, carnation, jasmine, geranium, cinnamon, heliotrope, pimento, ambergris, benzoin, cedar, vanilla, tonka bean and musk. Spicy, yet smooth, natural, and slyly complex, you can splash your freshly-shaved face with this classic masculine aroma that set the tone for the successful tweed-jacketed businessmen of decades past.



Stirling Soap Co. Shave Soap, Mountain Man:

Stirling Shaving Soaps have made their way into many a curation, and for quite good reason. Few companies are able to find the perfect middle ground of “high quality, high value”; and when they do, their names go down in history. Stirling Shave Soap Co. is one such company, making tallow-based shave soaps that produce a great, dense lather and a comforting post shave experience. Rod’s uncanny ability to recreate beloved accords is a page-turner for many. One such fragrance is “Mountain Man”. A spin off of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water, this is a reflective, meditative accord of bergamot, mandarin, neroli, green tea, blackcurrant bud, sandalwood and musk. Light, airy, infusing the senses with clean and fruity florals resting on a sneaky, woody base. What more could you ask for to make sure you stay focused, confident, efficient, and hard-working?



Fine Classic Eau de Toilette, Platinum:

Ah, hello fellow friend. If you’ve dove headfirst into wet shaving, chances are the phrase “Fine Platinum” rings a bell. In 2012, Todd (a.k.a. Mr. Fine) started creating powerful aftershaves carrying the scents of many a loved fragrances. Whether it be American Barber (Rive Gauche Pour Homme), Green Vetiver (Guerlain Vetiver), or many more, there is sure to be a fragrance for you. But the king of these - as many can agree - is Platinum: Todd’s reiteration of the infamous Creed Aventus. Notes of bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, apple, pineapple, pinkberries, birch, patchouli, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, and vanilla. The result is a sultry, sophisticated “Smokey pineapple”. This is the epitome of excellence; a scent for important meetings, for summer garden parties, or making lasting impressions, this is the perfect scent for the refined, productive, confident gentleman.



Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade:

I’m the first to back my appreciation for unorthodox, water- and oil-based pomades. For most of these, however, this means a different pomade for each purpose: a clay for dry separation, a heavy oil base for slick, shiny looks, etc. Imperial’s Classic Water-based pomade is one that confronts the aforementioned with a firm fist, with a unique formula that allows for tons of styles in one jar. Apply to damp hair, and you’re rewarded with a matte, light hold once your hair (and the pomade) dry out a bit. Apply to towel-dried hair for a workable, more business-friendly medium hold and medium shine. Apply to dry hair, and the result is a clean, sleek, medium- to high-shine ‘do that shares a heavy hold similar to a gel, yet is incredibly easy to control and restyle. Oh, and the scent is a crisp, unadulterated watermelon. For a man who needs every bit of boost he can get, look no further than this easy-to-use, loved pomade that works great, and smells even better!



Nostalgic Grooming Medium Moon Paste, Cosmic Cologne:

Okay, so you’ve found that purely water-based pomades aren’t for you. If you’ve got a long day on the job, chances are you may see the product start to break down too quickly for your liking; this is especially true for the thick, wavy/curly-haired folk. For such relentless follicles, you’ll need something that can keep them at bay throughout the day (rhyme unintended). In comes Nostalgic Grooming’s Moon Paste. Like many of Nostalgic’s offerings, Moon Paste is an unorthodox, water-based pomade, meaning it’s based in water, yet contains oils/butters/waxes to aid in controlling and restyling. Where Moon Paste shines is its unique ability to firmly hold any style you choose with ease, yet remaining pliable and malleable. The added clay will hold tight, formal styles, while the generous mango butter addition adds a subtle, sophisticated luster to your hair. While many small-batch pomade companies feature eclectic, obscure accords, Cosmic Cologne is a clean, yet definitively masculine combination of amber, bergamot, cedar, leather, neroli, and vetiver. If you’ve got some rough tasks on your plate, the last thing you need is a pomade that can’t keep up with you. No such worry with Nostalgic’s Cosmic Cologne Moon Paste!



Chatillon Lux Eau de Toilette, Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli:

Chatillon Lux is known in the wet shaving community for their unique ability to craft legendary stories of old with their fragrant landscapes. However, one of the most genius creations of Shawn, owner of Chatillon Lux, is the heavenly trio known as Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli. Or, simply, Y/R/P. As mentioned earlier, expansive accords have their place in a creative, dapper man’s life; yet these can muddle your mind as much as the air around you. Taking from the trend of citrus top notes, floral heart notes and a woody base, Y/R/P takes what I believe to be the kings of each category and blends them into a harmonious brotherhood. Sharp, tangy yuzu (Japanese grapefruit) is enveloped in the warm, floral and dusty rose heart, while a luxurious variety of patchouli roots the accord in a peppery, earthy foundation. A truly timeless olfactory experience, this particular scent will find equal standing in the office, in front of a large audience, or drawing those close to you even closer. For confidence, reliability, and success.



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