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Dreadnought: Tough Products for Tougher Beards and Bodies

Fearless. The biggest and best of its kind. A battleship, a destroyer, something super-charged and filled with testosterone and ready to wage war. That's what you'll find if you look up the definition of “Dreadnought.”

In other words, it doesn't get more manly-man than this British brand that's conquered North American shores. And it's targeting the enemies of a smooth shave for rugged faces: bumps, lumps, ingrown hairs, and beards so tough they've got even the most clean-cut guys resigned to a constant state of BlueBeard.

Why we're featuring it:

This one's near and dear to the West Coast Shaving team – it's one of the products that we keep coming back to time after time, until it's part of our regular rotation. It can be challenging to find a shave cream that can stand up to truly tough whiskers, and doesn't just evaporate into a foamy, wimpy whisp before the job's done. 

And up until now, finding a product that would help control beard growth not just during the shaving process, but by inhibiting new stubble after the fact, was about as likely as spotting a clean-shaven Sasquatch. But Dreadnought's added a secret weapon called Decelerine to their line, which tames even the most aggressive follicles and keeps stubble in check.

Why we like it:

Beyond the fact that its hyper-masculine image makes us feel less like girly men and more like the godlike Viking-esque warriors we really are, the scent of Dreadnought is the thing that really hooked us. It's rare that a shave product manages to walk the fine line between being fresh and clean enough to not bug us when it lingers all day, and being manly and alluring enough to improve our odds after hours. We're literally bathing in this stuff. (No, really – check out their body wash and shampoo.)

Who this is for:

Even the manliest man might not always be into the rough stuff, so if you're constantly doing battle with a beard that doesn't know when to quit, Dreadnought's your brand. The products are specifically designed for guys whose five o'clock shadow looms large by lunchtime. Plus, the unique stubble-reducing formula (with that mysterious and totally 007-sounding ingredient, Decelerine) means that a Dreadnought shave is far more comfortable and less painful for guys who have frequent problems with ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Who this is not for:

Dreadnought isn't really going to help you get in touch with your feminine side, so if that's your thing, go ahead and give it a pass. Also, for those lucky manly men whose beards are as submissive as newborn kittens, this may pack more punch in a product than you need. And if you're into a more complex scent, a suave European style, or a spa-like shave experience, you won't find the peace and quiet you're seeking here.

You must have:

  • We know that Dreadnought is known for shaving products, but we can't talk about them without mentioning the popularity of their shampoo and conditioner among our staff, and in particular with the owners' kids. Their sons especially love that their friends always comment about how great they smell after they use it!
  • The Post Shave Balm is a customer favorite! This product is light, goes on the skin easily, absorbs quickly, and leaves the face feeling smooth. What more could you ask for in your post shave experience?
  • Dreadnought has recently upped their game in the hair styling department. We just started offering their new pomade, matt paste, and matt clay, and we are definitely enjoying the scent and different styling capabilities of each one.

Shop for more Dreadnought products here!

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