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Duke Cannon: For all your Big Ass Grooming Needs


Wearing pink. Eating quiche. Watching “chick flicks.” Nicholas Sparks. Foie gras. Signature cocktails. These are just a few of the things that make Duke Cannon queasy. 

Duke's not a sensitive guy and he isn't going to engage in any couples massage, yoga retreats, manscaping, or his-and-hers anything. And if this line of thinking makes you say “Hell yeah!” then Duke would like to invite you to join him in his mancave for some action movies and guy stuff. Dirty, smelly, no-girls-allowed guy stuff.

Why we're featuring it:

Let's be honest. Sometimes, a guy just needs a Big Ass Bar of Soap. Not body wash, shower gel, or rejuvenating foam – a Big. Ass. Bar. Of. Soap. You don't need botanicals or emollients or anything your lady would want near her personal bits. You need something that's as large and manly as you are, and that's where Duke Cannon comes in. 

Why we like it:

Besides the fact that Duke Cannon makes us feel more like our inner John Wayne/Van Damme/Stallone alter-ego, this stuff is some serious soap. Most products that claim to work on tough dirt and tougher smells are really just masking with a lot of heavy perfumes, which is the opposite of what a man wants to smell like when he's finally clean. These soaps leave behind nothing more than a good clean whiff of your natural masculinity, spiced up with just a touch of mint or black pepper for the sake of intrigue. Plus, the Big Ass Bars of Soap are true to their name and last longer than some cars we've owned. 

And for those times when you want to throw your lady a bone and tidy up your facial fur a bit, products like the multi-use Beardsman's Clear Shaving Gel keep shaving as simple as it was meant to be by offering up 3-in-1 action so you don't have to waste valuable time primping. (As if a Duke Cannon man would primp.)

Who this is for:

This brand was decidedly developed for guys who work with their hands, get dirty, and bring home a good amount of sweat equity at the end of the day. If you like your routine to be as basic and no-frills as it gets, with no hint of perfume and no chance of your better half using up your products, you're probably a Duke Cannon man.

Who this is not for:

Metrosexuals, dapper dandies, genteel gentlemen, hippies, and hipsters can all make their exit when Duke Cannon enters the room. If the extent of your outdoor prowess is cutting the grass and flipping burgers on a gas grill, you've got no need for guns this big.

You Must Have:

  • Duke Cannon Heavy Duty Hand Soap is a powerhouse for removing oil and crud from your hands after a hard day of work, with pumice to get that grit out from under your nails.
  • Duke Cannon 2-in-1 Hair Wash is made with just nature's good stuff - no harsh sulfates or parabens here. 
  • Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Naval Supremacy - any of the Big Ass bars will do, but we particularly love the manly ocean scent of naval supremacy. 

Shop for even more great Duke Cannon products here!

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