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Earth Day Curation-West Coast Shaving

Earth Day Curation

Although many parts of the United States might not be so happy with the weather on our schizophrenic planet at the moment, we are still taking a moment to honor "International Earth Day" this weekend. So Eric whipped together a list of earthy scents, environmentally friendly companies, and earth-conscience ingredients from all across our globe in this Earth Day curation.



Simpson Chubby 2 Super Shaving Brush:

One of the leading brushmakers on this green Earth, Simpson has been hand-making each and every shaving brush since its humble beginnings in 1919. This iconic brand is best known for its most iconic shaving brush, the Simpson Chubby - and rightfully so. The “Chubby” series features large, knob-like handles that are perfect ergonomics for face lathering. A low-lofted knot is stuffed extra densely (no marketing ploy here, it’s MUCH denser than their normal lineup) with, in this case, super badger hair. Mark, current CEO of Simpsons, has told us their Super grade hair is akin to silvertip quality, meaning the Chubby 2 Super is even more densely packed with this ultra-fine, soft badger hair, which makes the brush even more suitable for face latherers.



Semogue OC Cherry Wood Boar Shaving Brush:

Semogue is an incredible artisan company based out of Portugal. Their boar brushes are notorious for their somewhat long break-in periods but, once this is accomplished, you’ve got a brush that can compete with some of the best silvertip brushes on the market. Semogue’s Owners Club shaving brush is densely packed with boar hair of various lengths, giving the brush a very decent amount of backbone, and the loft is set such that this brush will release lather like a champ! The cherry wood handle features beautiful curves and a shape that is perfect for face- and bowl-latherers alike.



Proraso Sandalwood with Shea Butter Cream Soap:

Proraso is a world-class, traditional Italian men’s grooming company that has been making quality products since the beginning of the 20th century. Using sandalwood oil, the Proraso “red” line has a very natural, woody, and dry sandalwood fragrance that I find the perfect contender for those who may not traditionally enjoy the profile. With the inclusion of shea butter, this soap has incredible post shave properties that will leave your skin feeling comfortably smooth and soft.



Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap:

Mitchell’s Wool Fat is a British classic. In the 1930’s, chemist Fred Mitchell saw the incredible benefits of wool fat on the epidermis, which kept sheep shearer’s hands incredibly soft and hydrated. Taking a formula from the turn of the century, Mitchell developed the Wool Fat brand to include other men’s grooming products, one of which being their highly acclaimed wool fat shaving soap. This soap can be trickier than some to lather, but I find that loading with a wetter brush gives me a good enough paste to create a lather that’s as slick and dense as some of the top dogs out there, with the added wool fat giving your skin a supple, noticeable comfort following the shave. A clean, “detergent-like” scent will be perfect for sensitive work environments or if you’re planning on sporting your favorite frag!



Old Spice Musk Shaving Cream:

Old Spice is an obvious classic. Shulton went out of their way to create some of the most iconic men’s grooming products in history (even though it was originally intended for women!). While their standard, yet complex Original scent usually gets all the glory, their Musk profile is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The animalic musky base is layered with resin, floral, and spicy notes for a very dry and woody musk profile that’s an instant classic. Their shaving cream easily rivals top shaving creams, lathering quickly, easily, and resulting in a very comforting lather. So, for this Earth day, sport the scent of the great outdoors in all its vegetative and animalic glory.



Pre de Provence Shave Soap:

Based out of the rolling hills of France, Pre de Provence makes a wide range of complex-scented soaps, creams, and a plethora of other personal grooming products. Their traditional shave soap is simply scented with a clean, crisp, floral sage and, as with most of their products, is full to the brim with shea butter. The result is a hard puck that will provide you eons of slick, shiny, protective lathers that leave your face thanking you for such a simple yet exotic luxury, straight from the earth of Provence.



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Chris Fanelli - April 22, 2018

Thank you for the gmail about earth day.

Iain Kane - April 20, 2018

Surprised not to see Village Barber Shaving Oil and/or Balm on here….

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