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Save 10% Off All Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes!

Edwin Jagger Contest Winner

We have a winner!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent contest to win a year's supply of the amazing Edwin Jagger Natural and Paraben Free Shaving Cream. Your stories were touching and interesting and funny.

We rounded up all of the entries and plugged them into into a randomizer and out popped the winner— #17 James Acosta! We love his awesome memories he shared of his own father below.

James Acosta 6/2/2014
My fondest memories are the ones we make now. Growing up we had our camping trips and out of state vacations but as a man I can enjoy my father more than in my youth. It has been two years this coming July that my father had his accident and there are no moments that are more precious than now. It may be a greater appreciation for life or the reality of how fragile life can be. He may never be the man I remember but will always be the father I love. My most memorable moment was just about a month ago when we brought him home from a short stay at the hospital and he desperately needed a hair cut and shave...DESPERATELY!!! My younger brother and I took him back to the facility he was temporarily staying late this night and we both had worked a long day but the second we told him we were going to pamper him he lit up in a childlike way. I had just started with DE wet shaving and he was excited because that is how he first learned to shave. I put on some Motown and prepared my hot towel. Gave him a shave and my brother finished him off with a fresh haircut. Even as tired as we all were we laughed, took some pictures and enjoyed the moment we all shared. Yesterdays moments are past but always treasured, today's moments are gifts that are not promised so we make the most out of them and don't let then slip away.

Congratulations, James! May you have the best year of shaving with Edwin Jagger shaving cream ever.

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