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Eric's Shave of the Day

You may have heard before that we’re a bunch of wet shaving fanatics in search of the sometimes illusive “perfect shave” over here at West Coast Shaving – and that it true. So, maybe you are wondering what we do to achieve that zen-like state. Well, we grabbed Eric from our Customer Service Department to give us the low down on his “Shave of the Day”.


Eric @ West Coast Shaving Daily Shaving Routine:

  • How did you get into Wet Shaving: I actually got into wet shaving from my dad, who had told me about the benefits of wet shaving on my wallet, for my skin, and just on my daily routine.

Eric’s dad ain’t wrong. This traditional method has so many benefits. First, it is economical because you don’t have to overpay on the department store cartridges. They are expensive and honestly, not very effective. Secondly, wet shaving is much better for your skin. Working up a lather on a classic soap with a brush will provide more protection than an aerosol foam, exfoliate and raise the hairs more effectively, and moisturize and sooth the skin. One single sharp, effective blade is also much less irritating to your skin. Lastly, the routine is a bit of “me time” in a busy, hectic world. With wonderful scents and fantastic results, there isn’t a much better way to start. . . or end your day.

  • Describe your facial hair: I would describe myself as having somewhat sensitive skin (on my neck), and some coarse-yet not very dense- facial hair.


Knowing the story of your hair, can help you customize your shave to reach its full potential. From the time of day, to the razor & blade, to the prep, to the aftercare, all steps are important in homing in on the right way – for you – to shave.

  • Time of Day: Night

Many, many men are finding there are benefits to the evening shave. First, you can take your time. There isn’t the mad dash out the door, so many men find they can get the BBS shave they are looking for. Also, if you do find you get nicks and irritation, you will most likely be healed with a good night’s sleep. Some argue that your hair grows less at night while you sleep so you can maximize the shave as well. An evening shave can relax you and prepare you to rest. And many men like to go to bed feeling clean.


  • Razor of choice- Muhle R41

Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb – This razor is a wet shaving classic. It is chrome-plated with an open comb head. This means it (arguably) shaves more aggressively than its closed comb cousin as there is more blade exposed to the skin. However, it is less likely to clog, especially for those with coarse facial hair. The knurled handle is beautiful and functional.


  • Blade of choice- Astra or Personna Medical Prep blade.

Choosing a blade is a very personal decision. However, Astras and Personnas have stood the test of time and have risen to top of many shavers’ favorites list. Sharp, but not too sharp, they provide a smooth, comfortable, irritation-free grooming experience.

  • Soap of choice: Right now, I rotate between the Chiseled Face Summer Storm, Trade Winds, and the Tabula Rasa Herbs shaving soap.

You can’t go wrong with these artisan soapmakers. They are creating fantastic soaps in fantastic scents to further the pleasure of a great shave. These “croaps” (a cross between a cream and soap) lather up rich and protective.

    • Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Summer Storm - Just like a June thunderstorm, this fragrance is loaded with moist earth, oak moss, cut grass, pine needles, orange, lemon, ozone, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium, and musk. Wow!
    • Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Trade Winds - The aquatic aroma will have you imagining the rolling decks beneath your feet as the cool rain and ozone from a squall splash your face. A touch of cucumber, mint, and old spice put you in mind of the islands you just left.
    • Tabula Rasa Herbal Shaving Soap - The wholesome ingredients are enhanced with a green, herbal scent. Predominately lemongrass, there are other herbal notes as well.


  • Pro Tip (learned the hard way): One of the first times loading a blade (Feather blade), I was running low on time and rushing, so I started screwing just enough so the base plate, blade, and cap were on the threading. Then I thought I could screw more quickly by smacking it with the padding of my finger... which I found out didn't really work when I looked down and saw the blade had easily gone through my skin. That left a mark for probably around 4 months. *Please don't ever screw a blade in this way*
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Gordon Bair - November 27, 2020

Eric, What are you top 5 PAA shaving soap scents? I noticed on one of your videos we both like Al Fin.

Thank You,

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