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Save 10% Off All Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes!

Featured Brand: Billy Jealousy

We're excited to introduce you to a new brand in the West Coast Shaving family: Billy Jealousy. Sure, the name conjures up danger, but there's a heart of gold underneath the edgy facade. Is it the right choice for you? Here's the breakdown.

Why we're featuring it:

Billy Jealousy is the ultimate rebel with a cause. Every product in this line is edgy and unique, with a bold look and an insanely well-tailored blend of ingredients that will do great things for your skin and hair from the inside out. Their “cosmaceutical” approach means that every Billy Jealousy lotion and potion is made to not only make you look good – really good – but also put the “care” back into “personal care” with formulas that actually work to improve the health of every pore and follicle you've got.

Oh, and one more thing: a portion of every sale they make gets donated to something amazing, so when you get the goods, it does some good, too. We're all about making people feel great and spreading a little love around, so when we found this brand, we knew it would be a great addition to our site. This is a company that really delivers on wet shaving and smiles.

Why we like it:

With awards from Men's Health, Esquire, The Motley, and Grooming Lounge gracing the Billy Jealousy trophy case, we're confident in saying this bad-boy brand is nothing but good. They've dreamed up some innovations in shaving that make us a little tingly, like pre-shave concoctions that give you the feel of the old-timey hot towel treatment in a fraction of the time and after-shaves that cool things down to the perfect level of comfort without shock.

Get ready for the over-share: using these products in your daily routine is like the grooming equivalent of great foreplay and just the right amount of cuddling after.

Who this is for:

If you're a little bit daring with your grooming and you like to stand out from the crowd, then it's time to try getting a little Jealousy into your life. Bonus points if you're into ethical shopping. This brand is all about guys and girls who are comfortable in their own skin and like to push the edge of what's expected. It's also great if you're concerned about taking excellent care of your skin – Billy Jealousy won't over-dry you or make you feel like you've been rolling around in an oil slick.

Who this is not for:

It's probably not for your grandpa (though we've known some ridiculously cool grandpas).

And it's definitely not the right product line for people who play it safe – like your cousin who's had the same haircut since 1998. If you're into classic scents or you're more tailored in your look, you should probably take a pass on Billy Jealousy. This isn't the brand for somebody who's looking for something elegant, distinguished, or discreet.

If you're still interested, even after all of that, come check out some of the great Billy Jealousy products we offer at West Coast Shaving.

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