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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!

Featured Brand: St. Johns Bay Rum

A good bay rum is like the right partner: It can be hard to define exactly what you're looking for, but you know it when you find it.

Why We're Featuring It

Once one of the most popular grooming products on the planet, bay rum took a big popularity hit when imitators and less-than-authentic knockoffs started to flood the market, but the real deal is still out there if you know where to look for it. One of the companies bringing it back in a big way is St. Johns Bay Rum – an original manufacturer that has stayed so true to its roots that its operations are still centered in the same tiny Caribbean location that started it all.

What Makes This Brand Unique?

What makes St. Johns so iconic is their insistence on sticking to the original standards that created a demand for the product in the first place. They've been making fragrances for men and women in America since 1946, stemming from practices that go back to the 1800s. That, to point out the obvious, is a long time.

When the opportunity came up to move the manufacturing process to Texas in the late 1960s, tests revealed that using Texan water resulted in an inferior product – only the pure waters of the Caribbean would do. (This is also, as far as we know, one of the only times in recorded history that somebody successfully messed with Texas.)

That was, thankfully, the first and last time anybody ever tried to uproot St. Johns from its home, and the result has been a pretty spectacular line of consistently high-quality aftershaves and soaps that literally can't be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

A Classic Is A Classic For A Reason

Like any good company, they've added a few new items over the years to keep up with changing trends, but they've never made the mistake of "diversifying" just for the sake of doing something novel. We really appreciate the care they've taken with the legacy of their bay rums; after all, a classic is a classic for a reason.

Even their packaging has stayed true to its roots. The iconic woven palm design, which (in case you're wondering) looks fantastic displayed on a bathroom counter or shelf, is based on the "fish pot" weaving patterns traditionally used by island natives to create fishing traps. It's inspired the distinctive look of the product line since the beginning, and is as much a part of the brand now as the fragrance itself.

We know the power of the design from personal experience: when our founder's father-in-law saw the bottles in our store, he was instantly flooded with memories of seeing the same unique packaging on his grandparents' bathroom shelves "back in the day."

Who Will Like This?

We're proud to offer St. Johns to our customers, both in its original and citrus-spiked lime scents. These soaps, colognes, and aftershaves are mild, cooling, and refreshing - perfect for almost any skin type.

If you've never tried bay rum before, trust us (and our great-grandparents): this is the one that could get you hooked. Try it today!

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