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Five NFL Teams Most Likely To Get Tackled By Their Hair

It’s a fact… hair a big deal in the National Football League. Just ask the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Clay Matthews, or Troy Polamalu (whose luscious locks are literally insured for one million dollars). Unique hairstyles are consistently becoming a way for NFL players to stand out and draw attention to their individual “brands.”

But it’s not just the hair on the top of the head we’re talking about. Watch any Houston Texans game and one of the first things you will notice is the epic beard of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. And If you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you’re probably well aware of Brett Keisel’s monster beard, which looks like it can sack a quarterback completely on its own.

In fact, Brett Keisel’s beard has its own facebook page with nearly 50,000 likes.

Seeing that “hair” is such a phenomenon in the NFL right now, we wanted to find out which styles were the most popular. Who is the most “dreadlocked” team in the league? Who is the baldest? Which team has the most players rocking a good ole fashioned, cleanly trimmed mustache? To get our answers, we looked at every single 2014 NFL roster photo on Check out the “style stats” below.

The Buffalo Bills took the top spot for most “dreadlocked” team, while the Chicago Bears have the top spot on the other end of the spectrum with the most bald or completely shaved players.

A whopping 89 percent of NFL players have some type of facial hair, with the most “scruffy” team being the Kansas City Chiefs (98.39% of their players sport some style of facial hair).

While one would think a team like the Green Bay Packers would be close to the top spot as far as beards go, they are actually number two on the most clean shaven list, with the top “baby face” spot going to the Cincinnati Bengals.

After seeing that facial hair was so prominent in the NFL, we began to wonder if there was any sort of performance correlation. So we looked at six high profile quarterbacks known for sporting facial hair, and analyzed their 2013 QB rating on a game by game basis based on whether they had trimmed up or not. The results were pretty interesting… all six quarterbacks played better with some scruff.

 All this evidence points to one thing… NFL players love their hair, and we’re certainly not just about shaving here, so we could recommend a wide range of products to help keep these high performance follicles in peak condition.

For starters, let’s go with the “Hard-Working Clean” Duke Cannon 2-in-1 Hair Wash. This stuff is packed with added protein for strength, in addition to vitamins E and B5 for antioxidant protection and conditioning. It’s also free of harsh sulfates or parabens, so you’re getting nothing but the best. Plus this stuff literally smells like victory (and says so on the bottle). What else could an NFL player ask for in a shampoo and conditioner?

If you like your locks extra thick, try Duke Cannon's 2-in-1 Thickening Hair Wash. It’s also sulfate and paraben free, and infused with protein and vitamin B5. Plus, it’ll make your hair so thick that it will be like an extra helmet underneath your helmet.

Once you’ve washed all the dirt and grime out of your mane, it’s time to tame it with some Suavecito Pomade. This stuff is as good as it gets when it comes to a styling product. It has some serious hold, but never makes your hair feel or look greasy. It’s the perfect product to prepare for those post-game interviews.

For the gridiron warriors who need to reinvigorate their facial follicles after a long day of sacking quarterbacks and stuffing the run, we recommend Bluebeards Original Extra Conditioning Beard Wash and some Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil. This stuff will leave your beard shiny and soft… until it needs to harden back up for the next day of battle.

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