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15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +

Get an Environmentally Friendly Shave with Pacific Shaving Company

You know how sometimes you're shaving, and in the middle of the chore you start thinking deep thoughts, and then by the time you're rinsing your razor you've achieved enlightenment? No? Well, that may not be the typical experience for most of us, but that's what got Pacific Shaving Company off the ground. One day, founder Stan Ades realized that his quest for a close shave had gotten in the way of his true goal: A comfortable shave. In shaving, as in love, closeness means nothing if it irritates the hell out of you. So Stan decided to save his skin, his sanity, and the environment in one fell swoop.

Why we're featuring it:

There are a lot of traditional shave products on our site, but the wave of the future is sustainability and eco-friendliness. Of course, earth-positive products are only worth mentioning if they do the job at least as well as their old-school counterparts, which is why we get excited when we come across something like Pacific Shaving Company. Eco-friendly? Check. Sustainable? Check. Paraben-free? Check. Vegan? Yup, it's even vegan, and never tested on animals. As if all those warm fuzzy tree-hugging vibes weren't enough, Stan and his wife CC are taking their commitment to the next level by planting a tree for every sale they make – meaning that they are actually operating Pacific Shaving with a negative carbon footprint.

Why we like it:

Every little annoyance we've got with various shave products, Stan has thought of and solved. First we found out that Pacific Shaving products were completely natural, vegan, earth-friendly and carbon-negative (well, la-dee-dah, Stan). But we figured they probably came in big refill containers made of, like, recycled multi-use bamboo or something, right? Wrong: Every Pacific Shaving product is sized perfectly for TSA standards, so they slip into your carry-on, your briefcase, or even your pocket pretty handily. Well, fine, but then you've got to keep replacing them every three seconds, right? Nope. Pacific Shaving prides itself on creating long-lasting products (they say half an ounce of their shave oil will carry you through 100 shaves!) so they can fulfill their promise of being good for your skin, your wallet, and the earth. Oh, yeah: And as for performance, we love the softening and moisturizing properties of every one of their products. No dryness here. Well-played, Stan.

Who this is for:

Vegans, rejoice! We can't often list you as a target audience, but you and these products are a match made in earth-loving heaven. Pretty much anybody who's deeply concerned with the environment and sustainable business practices should check out Pacific Shaving – and bonus points if you travel frequently and need earth-friendly bottles that pass TSA muster.

Who this is not for:

Super-traditionalists who like their classic bay rums, vetivers, and musk scents probably won't love the spearmint, herbal, and citrus themes that run through Pacific Shaving's line.

You need this:

  • Caffeinated Shaving Cream: Caffeine in shaving cream? This refreshing cream is infused with organic and safe ingredients like antioxidants, aloe, spearmint, and caffeine, which give a surprising pick-me-up to your day.
  • Caffeinated Aftershave: Don't forget the aftershave! Say goodbye to redness and razor burn with this invigorate caffeine boost to your morning shave routine.
  • All Natural Shave Oil: This popular oil is made from essential oils and works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin, and it gives you a smooth and moisturizing shave every time.
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