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THIS WEEKEND ONLY! 30% Off WCS Shaving Brushes! No Code Needed!
Get California Chic with Baxter of California-West Coast Shaving

Get California Chic with Baxter of California


There's nothing that screams “California” more than sun, sea, surf, and wind – unless it was Baxter Finley's dry skin, a direct result of enjoying all that salt air and sunshine. Back in 1960s Cali, there were basically two types of guys: Hippies and Squares. And neither of them were necessarily into specialized skin care.

Baxter Finley changed all that with a revolution that may not have been memorialized in a Jefferson Airplane song, but it's certainly been long-remembered by the men's grooming industry. Now as Baxter of California celebrates 50 years of effortless coastal chic, we're excited to share this pioneering brand with you.

Why we're featuring it:

Besides the fact that every brand deserves a little Golden Anniversary love, we're big fans of Baxter and its targeted approach to personal care. From the beginning, the approach to this line was deep, not broad – in other words, Baxter Finley was interested in learning as much as possible about each skin type and each man's personal grooming needs, then applying that learning to the development of a range of products that were just right for each specific skin care personality.

Why we like it:

We've got nothing against the dabbling approach, where you take a shave cream from one supplier, an aftershave from another, and a shampoo or pomade from a third. But when the process of choosing your products can be simple and perfect, with only one brand gracing your bathroom counter, there's no reason to stray. By creating meticulously researched formulas for specific skin types, blending traditional methods with the natural ingredients you'd expect in a California product line, Baxter takes the guesswork out of personal grooming and provides you with everything you need, from shaving brushes and razors to body washes and pomades.

Who this is for:

If you're a coastal chic kind of guy, Baxter's a perfect fit for you. The products can soothe your skin after you've soaked up all the sun and sand you can handle, as well as offer you dry-hair repair and conditioners to keep every groomable part of you healthy and looking great. Baxter was designed for the gentlemanly beach dweller, so if you're interested in a line that can also provide more of a spa treatment feel without the girly florals or hippie hemp smells, you should definitely take a look at their clay masks, herbal toners, and other low-key but effective skin salvagers.

Who this is not for:

Baxter's more Santa Barbara smooth than Haight-Asbury hippie, so feel free to surf on by if you're a total minimalist who just wants the basics. Also, if you're a true environmentalist looking for a California grooming line that's hopelessly devoted to eco principles and green living, there are plenty of all-natural West Coast brands out there that will be more in line with your environmental vibe.

You Must Have:

  • Baxter's Vitamin Cleansing Bar, Bergamot Pear: We love these new moisturizing bar soaps in from Baxter. They are filled with vitamins and aloe, and they smell simply amazing!
  • Baxter's Under Eye Cream reduces puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. Does it get any better than that?
  • Black Silver Tip Badger Hair Shave Brush is a fan favorite, and for good reason. The knot quality is great and the silver tip bristles are wonderfully soft. This is a splurge you won't regret!

Shop for even more great Baxter's products here!

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