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Buy One Get One 20% Off Sitewide Sale! Use Code BOGO20
Get Your Whiskers Neat and Natty with Mr. Natty-West Coast Shaving

Get Your Whiskers Neat and Natty with Mr. Natty

Too often, a gentleman's face is considered uncivilized if it's not smoothly shaven. But what's wrong with a bearded gob, a mustachioed mister, a bristly bounder, we'd like to know? Nothing at all, says we – as long as you keep your scruff and scraggle neat and natty. Mr. Natty is a friend to whiskers on both sides of the pond. From the ruffs of royals to the stubble of scoundrels, he tames them all with equal parts good humor and old-fashioned British vigor. In fact, we think it's fair to say he's never met a hair he didn't take to, whether on your chin, your lip, or your noggin.

Why we're featuring it:

Rarely does a line of products so tickle our fancy as the preparations coming out of Mr. Natty's clever packages. There's not a sorry sot in the lot – each elixir and potion is as tried and true as the next. We're not sure exactly what it is that makes Mr. Natty such a jolly chap to start the day with, but we suspect it's his no-nonsense friendliness to all the bits and bobs we need to groom.

Why we like it:

Mr. Natty's is a fine line of tip-top products made in the image of old-timey barbershops that catered to the fanciful fuzz of muttonchops, handlebars, and all other bygone (but supremely natty) styles. Time was, a man pampered his mustache and beard with pride, and Mr. Natty is reviving that lost art with boundless good cheer. His famous beard elixirs are deservedly popular amongst discerning gents who care to keep their chin coverings in sparkling shape, and he's also got a little something up his sleeve for tidily twizzled mustaches, nattily neatened hairstyles, and even a pleasant pucker salve so you can smooch your sweetheart suavely.

Who this is for:

The jaunty gent who waxes and twirls with pride will find his friend in Mr. Natty. If you're equal parts old-timey devotee and romantic rounder, you can keep your kisses clean and sweet-smelling – and fashionably styled to full advantage – with all the elixirs and pomades Mr. Natty has to offer. The more boldly bristly you are, the better.

Who this is not for:

Sadly, you clean-shaven crew can take a walk when Mr. Natty's near. Sure, his lip salve and hair waxes may keep you neat, but a man who rebuffs the mustache will never truly appreciate this brand. Contemporary gentlemen, low-key groomers, wallflowers and sophisticated spa types should also mind the gap when Mr. Natty pulls into the station. This is a brand that wants you to wear your wonderful whiskers with pride.

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