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BOGO 25% Off On Ariana and Evans
BOGO 25% Off On Ariana and Evans

Great New Wet Shaving Products

We are constantly updating our products to make sure we've got what you need. The following are some of my favorite new products but you can also check our new products page to see all our recent offerings.

D.R. Harris Windsor Shaving Soap Refill

D.R. Harris mixes hints of orange, black pepper, sweet citrus, and patchouli into its Windsor fragrance. This soap cultivates a rich satisfying aroma as well as a thick moisturizing lather. You can try this scent for $15.00.

Beauty Strokes H.I.S Shaving Brush


Have you tried synthetic brushes yet? Now is the time to give one a try. The Beauty Stokes H.I.S shaving brush uses a unique synthetic fiber that looks and feels like badger. It holds water and heat very well and it's actually softer then badger. Don't believe me? Try one for only $45.95.

Walkin' Horse English Bridle Strop

Walkin' Horse makes beautiful strops. They don't settle for anything less then premium hides and it shows. These strops are strong, durable, and a great price. Get a 2" strop for $56.99 or the 3" strop for $74.99.

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Larry - April 20, 2020

I am looking for dr harris shaving cream that I have purchased before from you.

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