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Great Old-School Shave at a Great Old-School Price

The perfect wet shave is part art, part science, and part tradition, but it's not often you find a company that understands and perfectly balances all three. Musgo Real is, as the name implies, the real deal – an elusive glimpse of harmonious perfection, a brand that lives up to its own standards and our expectations, with broad appeal across skin types and generations. In other words, it's like the unicorn of the wet shaving world. Except without the glitter rainbows.

Why we're featuring it:

Musgo Real is one product line owned by parent company Claus Porto, whose motto is “Cherish the past. Hearten the Present. Challenge the future.” Tradition, excellence, and innovation are all part of this brand, along with the philosophy that a man's skincare routine ought to be rooted in fortifying him against “external aggressions.” We're not sure that any shaving product in the world could actually help us repel annoying bosses or obnoxious cube-mates, but if we were going to put our faith in any one product line, Musgo Real would be it.

Why we like it:

Too often, it seems like old-world European brands that pride themselves on tradition are best suited for, well, old-world European guys. But somehow, despite the fact that this is a brand that's been soothing skins in Portugal since 1920, Musgo Real manages not to make us feel – or smell – like Great-Uncle Salvador from last summer's family reunion. We love the perfect performance of the glyce soaps for pre-shave cleansing, and there's nothing to hate about the pricing on these products, either. And if you're the kind of guy who dislikes the scent confusion that can come with cherry-picking a soap from here, a cream from there, an aftershave from somewhere else, then Musgo Real is a good bet: You can get everything you need from pre-shave treatments to colognes in the single, masculine fragrance that suits you best.

Who this is for:

Young, old, sensitive skin or a dermatological dream: one of the greatest strengths of Musgo Real is that it'll work for more guys than not. We'd especially recommend this product line to men who are just trying out the wet shave world and want a reliably great, totally affordable, not-too-flashy set of skincare items for all of their needs. This brand is like the starter house you buy to try out home ownership, then can't bear to part with and live in forever.

Who this is not for:

If you're edgier, funkier, or more daring than most, you may just feel that Musgo Real is a bit too much of a “safe” choice for your tastes. Also, this brand is an import, so guys who like to support homegrown businesses might prefer something that's produced stateside.

You need this:

Musgo Real After Shave, Classic Scent (Splash): This crowd favorite is an excellent update on the classic Musgo Real fragrance. It's been enhanced with aloe for soothing, witch hazel for toning, and echinacea for healing. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Musgo Real Shave Cream is a rich lathering and brushless cream that's made with lanolin and glycerin to moisturize and soften your skin. Comes in this handy travel size.

Musgo Real Shave Cream, Orange Amber: This cream smells divine. It's a cult classic for a reason. Made with lanolin, coconut oil, jojoba, and glycerin, it contains no artificial ingredients that dry out your skin.

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