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Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!

Hands Behind the Art: Josh Meyer, Perfumer

Here at West Coast Shaving we pride ourselves in finding the most unique grooming products on the market. We go to great lengths to find interesting artists and companies founded on good quality, good craftsmanship, and good ingredients. We want to introduce you to some of the people who go out of their way to make your grooming experience exceptional in our blog series called, "Hands Behind The Art." 


Today we focus on "Imaginary Authors" perfumer, Josh Meyer. His scents have captured us, from the unique, creative aromas to the fun, inspiring novel descriptions that help tell the "story" of each scent. Josh takes us "behind the curtain" as we get a peek at the nose behind Imaginary Authors’ fragrances

WCS: Give us a snapshot of Imaginary Authors? How did it start? 

Josh: I always very much disliked perfume and cologne, I was an avid boycotter for most of my life! It wasn't until I found scents that were distinctly different than anything that resonated in my mind as having a 'perfumey' fragrance that I was utterly hooked! I started the line as a project to keep myself busy during some downtime from a previously very stressful job. I started making the scents and knew I wanted to fill in the gaps and create a strong and full line. None of my marketing was working, so I called in Ashod Simonian who had the concept for creating Imaginary Authors and we took it from there to tie in the scents and tell a story about how the fragrances can work. It really couldn't be any more fun! 

WCS: How did you get your start in this world of fragrance?

Josh: I am very much self taught! I mean, who is to say you're using too much lemon essential oil? However, the turning point for me was discovering how different fragrance can be -- walking by the department store perfume counter doesn't give you a good idea of how artful and exquisite these spray bottles can be. I started making scents to be very different from what I assumed my friends would consider traditional scents, to make something interesting, wearable and unique. 

WCS: What inspires you as you think, process, and create? 

Josh: There is something very carnal about having a new olfactory experience. Imagine eating an oyster for the first time or enjoying an old-fashioned cocktail. Smelling a fragrance composition can resonate the same way, and something that you like can be out of this world. I really enjoy the process of creation and the patience that's involved. It's a lot of both. The reward for coming up with something that is unique and more than the sum of its parts is really something special to be able to do. 

WCS: Do you also write the imaginary novel summaries?  Because, seriously, those novels need to be written. We’re waiting to read each one! 

Josh: Ha! Thank you! Ashod tackles the 'book's' synopsis - The stories help fill you in on how the fragrance works and helps set the tone for the scent itself. We won't write the novels, but inquiries keep coming in about who will. It's a lot of fun that they resonate with people. 

WCS: Anything else that an avid fan of IA might need to know about the "hands (nose) behind the art"? 

Josh: Try lots of scents so you recognize when one really strikes you! Wear perfume for yourself, not for those around you (even significant others).

Try some of our favorite Imaginary Authors scents for yourself:

  • Violet Disguise: This is a staff favorite among the women that work at WCS. It is soft and floral with a subtle hint of fruit. No woman who smells this scent has ever been disappointed!
  • Bull's Blood: This scent is bold and powerful -- a "take the bull by the horns" kind of experience. It has patchouli, tobacco, and musk notes, along with a slight softer side, too, which makes it a suitable, yet strong, unisex fragrance.
  • Falling Into the Sea: Sunshine in a bottle pretty much sums up this fantastic fragrance. It is full of tropical citrus joy that is light, inviting, and warm. 

Shop for more amazing and unique Imaginary Authors fragrances here.

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