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Save 30% Off WCS Brushes! No Code Needed!
Honey Curation-West Coast Shaving

Honey Curation

Honey-do, honey trap, sweet as honey, land of milk & honey - This liquid gold has been used for millennia to describe sweetening just about everything from food to words. It is also used in grooming products. Eric showcases this genius scent in a variety for products that highlight its ability to both enhance and subdue.


Haslinger Honey Shaving Soap:

Back before many of the artisans came to the scene, Germany-based Haslinger soaps were some of the most common household soaps out there. While artisans have mostly taken over the scene, we still hold a very special place in our heart for these fantastically performing soaps. Haslinger’s “Honig” shaving soap is the single accord of honey. With true, natural honey as an ingredient, this is no synthetic fragrance at all. Warm, sweet, and sappy, this is the perfect early morning pick-me-up, or late evening shave to wind you down after a long day’s work. While often overlooked, the performance of Haslinger shaving soaps is incredible. For such a hard puck, the soap loads quickly, takes on a large range of water - perfect for DE shavers or straight shavers alike - and provides consistent density and slickness.



Abraham’s Leave in Beard Conditioner, Milk and Honey:

While many of these curations are geared toward the wet shaver, not all of you are sporting a clean shaven visage! And if you’re rocking a beard, Abraham’s beard products are one of the most highly sought after artisan offerings. With only a few other products just like it, Abraham’s leave in beard conditioner is perfect for those looking for the alternative to a beard oil. While beard oils significantly reduce skin irritation and dry, wiry whiskers, they often result in a shiny beard. For some, this can add to the clean aesthetics of your well groomed beard but, to others, it can be a frustration. Abraham’s beard conditioner is the perfect leave-in product with natural botanicals to soften your skin and hair, all while giving your beard the natural finish it deserves. Milk and Honey is Abraham’s intoxicatingly inviting fragrance of oatmeal, milk, honey and almond. Sweet, nutty, and smooth.



Shaver Heaven Vegan Shaving Soap, Honey Ale:

Shaver Heaven creates incredibly well-performing vegan and tallow-based shaving soaps. No matter the scent, Anthony (the mind behind the business) has a way of making the accord inviting to all who behold the jar. Honey ale is a unique twist on two scents not often used as staple notes in wet shaving. Apple, strawberry, and citrus start this scent off with a fruity head, while dark honey and resinous amber rest on a bed of vanilla and beer. A complex gourmand accord, I find this the perfect morning scent. Not too bold, yet unapologetically different. This vegan formula is also a top reason to keep you reaching for this soap off the shelf. With a simple, yet effective blend of sustainable ingredients leading to a dense, creamy, and silky lather and tremendous post shave properties, what more could you want?



Ballenclaugh Soaps Shaving Soap, Honey Tobacco:

Ballenclaugh Soaps have been flying under the radar for some time, but we’re happy to now be the sole retailer of these incredible soaps! Let’s start with the value. With the long list of botanicals, these shaving soaps take some of the most skin-loving, nourishing extracts used in both vegan and tallow-based soaps, and lumps it into one powerful machine. At $16, these soaps far outperform their price range, with a slippery, dense, stable lather tipping the scales in residual slickness and post shave properties. This offering is a straightforward, effective duo of sweet honey and brown tobacco. While an unlikely duo, the resulting accord is harmonious, warm, and inviting.



Sudsy Soapery Tallow Shave Soap, Uplift:

The newest offering from Sudsy Soapery, Uplift is a beautiful summertime fragrance for the citrus junkie at heart. Lemon dominates this fragrance, a candy-like head resting upon the floral evergreen known as May chang, or litsea cubeba. While not a listed scent note, a fair dose of honey is added to this soap base, and it serves to tame the sharp citrus and add a soothing air. Speaking of the base, this offering is one not often associated with the Sudsy name: a tallow-based soap! Along with lanolin, beeswax and aloe leaf, the resulting lather is equally as impressive, if not more so than their vegan counterparts! If you’re looking for a bright and, well, uplifting start to your day, I couldn’t imagine a better choice.



Central Texas Soaps Shaving Soap, Weekend Rodeo:

Central Texas is a brand new offering here at WCS. To put it simply, Central Texas Soaps made its beginning when founder Greg needed to find an alternative to the skin-burning effects of generic, mass-market soaps. Fast forward to today, and you’re now looking at one of the best value shaving soaps there are. At just over $2.00 per ounce, the price point beats just about every artisan out there. While you must be careful of the very soft texture of these soaps, once you dial in the lather, you’ll be rewarded with a smooth, nourishing lather with a great post shave. Weekend Rodeo is, as you may have guessed, a leather forward accord. Behind this dry leather top is a wet, brown tobacco core. Softening this overtly masculine duo underneath is the inclusion of bright honey and vanilla-like tonka bean. Animalic, smokey, and sweet, this olfaction is a true enigma worth writing home about.



Esbjerg Shaving Cream, Ginseng Honey:

An Austria-based retailer, Esbjerg decided to try their own hand at making a high quality, small-batch shaving cream. And boy, did they succeed. Esbjerg shaving creams somehow seem to behave very similarly to a shave soap. Unlike the cushiony, voluminous shaving cream lathers, Esbjerg creams tend to accept a much wider range of water than is traditionally the case with a cream. In the end, you get a wide range of lathers that are perfect for whatever purpose; dense, to comfort and protect several days’ worth of growth, all the way to a slick, thin blanket perfect for your daily straight razor shave. Ginseng Honey is part of their “Zen Collection”, the perfect name to describe this match made in scent heaven. Found only in North America and east Asia, Ginseng is a note similar to green tea, with a sharp green, and herbal air. Next up is the familiar, yet complexingly intertwined note of honey. Green, herbaceous, and subtly sweet. For a matching zen to end this calming shave, check out their Ginseng Honey aftershave gel!



Wholly Kaw Donkey Milk Shaving Soap, Merchant of Tobacco:

If you haven’t followed the Wholly Kaw hype train, now might just be the right time. Sri has been making some of the most luxurious, top shelf, skin-loving shaving soaps from the very get-go. It’s the reason the very name of his brand is a play on each tester’s reaction: “Holy cow!”. Each product is backed by intensely researched botanicals and dermatological ingredients. Each scent is well-blended, an inviting sea of comforting accords. Merchant of Tobacco is a name not to be mistaken. This is a true “gourmand” accord, with notes of tobacco, bourbon, oud, vanilla, honey, cocoa, and balsam. The main players in this scent are the cocoa and honey, making for a sweet, dessert-forward accord, underneath with rests the raunchier heart of tobacco, bourbon, and bark-like oud. The true star, however, is the performance. Most can agree that you’re hard-pressed to find any shaving soap beating Sri’s donkey milk-based soaps in any of the important areas, whether it be density, stability, slickness, residual slickness, and post shave properties. I’d agree with the assessment, and so should you.



Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade:

In the world of pomades, the most alluring pomade is one which can find the balance of easy restyling, control, weight, hold, shine, and rinsability. Dapper Dan’s deluxe pomade is a true star in all these categories. Being water-based, you’ll get a product that is easy to scoop and easy to wash out. However, with just a hint of oil, you also enjoy the benefit of easy restyling, just in case the day randomly took a detour for the worse. This is a smooth, medium-holding pomade, perfect for styling just about any ‘do you desire and with a medium shine adding a lustrous uniformity to your quaff. On top of all this is the inviting air of warm vanilla and soothing honey, giving you calming wisps of relaxation throughout the day.



Chiseled Face Groomatorium Shaving Soap, Sherlock:

A popular artisan on the scene, Chiseled Face creates some of the finest fragrances in wet shaving at its impressive price. Sherlock is the absolute favorite of the lineup’s creator, Ron. While a bold scent, I must follow his lead. Sherlock is an eclectic accord of unique notes, aiming to recreate the mysterious air surrounding the fictitious detective, Sir Sherlock Holmes. Warm tobacco starts out this olfactory foundation and gives way to toasted caramel, black pepper, moist dirt, and leather. Mandarin, honey, and rose finalize the fragrance, resulting in an air to the tune of a well worn, soil-laden tweed coat, yet with honey and and citrusy florals rounding out the ominous olfaction. Warm, dark, daring, and tantalizingly inviting. This quick-loading soap will result in a lather fit for a king, or well-groomed detective, alike.

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