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How Long Will My Safety Razor Blade Last?-West Coast Shaving

How Long Will My Safety Razor Blade Last?

We all love the cost savings attached to this classic wet shaving gig and buying your favorite DE razor blade in bulk means you always have a fresh edge ready to go. But how long can you expect your safety razor blade to keep its cutting edge?

How long your double edge razor blade will last depends on a number of factors.

  • Type of hair

One of the first things to consider is your hair type. Do you have thin, peach fuzz or a five o’clock shadow at noon? If you have particularly coarse, thick facial hair, you will likely dull the razor blade edge faster. Also, are you shaving just your face or are you plying the blade on your neck and head as well? Covering more area means more wear to your safety razor blade and the need to change it faster.

  • Frequency of shaving

Another thing to consider is how often you shave. If you are a daily driver, then your razor blade will reflect that wear. If you just find a time or two a week is enough, you’ll find your safety razor blades last longer. 

  • Type/Coating/Treatment of the Razor Blade

First, make sure you are buying quality double edge razor blades. If you are purchasing cheap blades that break down quickly, you are going to have to change them out more frequently. Use high quality steel from reputable brands and you will find a longer lasting DE blade. Many companies will market their blades as having coatings like Teflon or hydrophobics like PRFE that claim to reduce friction but may not do much to improve longevity. On the other hand, razor blades made with “hardness” layering like platinum, chromium, etc might help to make the blade last longer, like most things with safety razor blades, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

  • Technique & Prep

Believe it or not, how you shave can also affect the life of your edge. If you take the time to prep your beard, you might find it pays off in longevity of your steel since softer whiskers aren’t as hard on the razor blade. In addition, if you are "with the grain" (WTG) shaver, you might get more passes per blade than an "against the grain" (ATG) shaver.

  • Maintenance & Storage of Safety Razor Blades

In the great irony of wet shaving, the most important thing you can do to keep your blade shave-ready longer is. . .  keep it dry!

The combination of water and salt from your skin has a detrimental effect on your safety razor blade, eating away at the stainless steel. You can prevent this by rinsing your blade thoroughly after use, drying it, and then allowing it to further dry on a stand (some even claim a huge benefit from blowing drying it).

Another pro-tip is to NOT store your safety razor in the shower (sorry guys). In addition, if you buy your blades in bulk, don't store them in your bathroom. The humidity can seep through the box and wrapper and impact the blade. Store them in a linen closet or, if you must keep them in the bathroom, invest in an air tight container. 

So how long will my safety razor blade last?

So, bottom line, your razor blade longevity can depend on lots of factors and personal preference. To give you a ball park estimate, most safety razor blades last around 5 shaves (plus or minus). However, while you might want to enjoy the cost savings of classic wet shaving, don’t sacrifice a superior shave! It is always better to change your razor blade before you need to, rather than after a bad shave.  And beginning shavers should err on the side of more frequent changing as they get the hang of the technique.

What's your go-to double edge safety razor blade? If you haven't found a favorite, check out our sample packs. 

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sweaty palms - April 24, 2023

This is all pure horsepucky. At times I have used one razor for more than a year. Now I change them about every three months. All this stuff about 6 shaves is just nonsense to get you to buy a lot of razors. And I’m an octogenarian. You can’ fool an old man! And I buy the cheapest razors on the market. I bought a bunch of them (maybe 20-30 in a package) two decades ago and haven’t had to buy any since.

Brian Moore - November 29, 2021

I’ve been shaving with them for almost 25 years. I have very coarse hair, and suffered for years with serious in grown hairs and razor bumps. To get a smooth and usually trouble free shave; I replace the blade every shave, always go with the grain, go fairly slow, use preshave oil, go against grain only on cheeks and other less sensitive areas, never the throat, I am quite liberal with the shave cream, and rinse the blade frequently with hot water

A Catalanotto - November 4, 2019

Pre Shave Oil. As I read here on the WCS site, applying a pre shave oil to a wet face, and letting the oil soak into your beard while creating a lather, not only allows for a close comfortable shave, but extends blade life by softening your beard.

Big Z - February 11, 2019

One more longevity tip: immediately before shaving, rinse the blade and handle with the warmest water you can stand. Then, while rinsing the razor head, strop the blade with the pad of your thumb. Don’t cut yourself. Use a towel instead of your thumb if you’re not certain how to do it safely. But by taking this extra 5-10 seconds, a blade will last 3-4 times longer. I’ve had some go for over a month of daily use against moderately coarse stubble

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