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Sale Starts NOW - $25 WCS SS CNC Safety Razor Handles

How Looking Good will Make You Feel Good.

I know when it comes down to it, it is what's on the inside that counts. I'm not a superficial snob. I promise! But I know that most people can relate to that feeling when you fly out the door to run errands in yesterday's clothes and your hair hardly brushed, just hoping and praying that you will not run into anyone that you know. "It's OK," you think. "That grocery store clerk has seen me in this condition more times than I care to admit!" But, of course, this is the day you will see everyone and their brother. And they always look perfectly put together when you feel anything but. 

Or that darn alarm clock snoozed itself six times this morning and you were late for work, again finding yourself scrambling out the door. You spent the whole day trying to feel professional, yet you lacked your usual confidence because of that frazzled morning rush.

We all have these moments, but I know we try to avoid them as much as possible. When you take the time to wear clean and nicely pressed clothes, style your hair with some great pomade, and, by all means, take the time to brush your teeth properly, and throw on nice deodorant and aftershave, I guarantee you will feel better all day! 

Of course, some things like shaving can be a pain—literally, a pain!—if you struggle with razor-burn and painful in-gowns. But, taking the time for a proper shave with a great safety razor and a nice shaving cream lather not only helps you feel more relaxed and prepared for your day, but it soothes that irritated skin and, frankly, just makes you look better.

So, take a little time for those finishing touches. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but everyone else will appreciate it, too!

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