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How Often Should Men Shave?-West Coast Shaving

How Often Should Men Shave?

Finding your shaving routine is definitely a matter of personal preference. Do you like a clean-shaven mug? Are you happy to rock the stubble? Do you just need an occasional trim for your face forest? Whatever your fashion, most men find it necessary to ply a blade once in a while. But how often?

Skin Health

The health of your skin should play a huge role in deciding how frequently you want/need to shave. Many men have chosen the wet shaving route because of their sensitive skin or irritation that develops from frequent shaving. Choosing classic shaving can allow you to shave less frequently (as it gives such a close shave) or shave more sensitively (as the process and ingredients are more beneficial). 

  • Sensitivity - If you have sensitive skin, you might find yourself reacting negatively to the chemicals in canned foams and goops. Also, multiple bladed razor can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. You might find yourself wanting to ditch the shave altogether. But if that isn’t your choice or you are required to maintain a clean-shaven mug, then wet shaving could be just what you need. You can often shave less frequently because of the closeness of the shave - which leads to less irritation. In addition, the skin-nourishing ingredients in shaving soaps and creams can lead to healthier skin that can stand up to more frequent shaves.
  • Dryness - Shaving too frequently can cause dryness, irritation, and redness. So, you want to make sure that you only shave as frequently as necessary. When you shave, you are removing the top layer of dead skin cells. This can be good in moderation, but if you are doing it too frequently, it can lead to a slew of issues: dryness, irritation, razor burn. If you need to shave frequently, invest in a good pre-shave oil and soothing, moisturizing after shave. Use one sharp blade (straight razor or double edge safety razor) and lather a nourishing protective lather with a shaving brush/shaving soap.

Facial Hair Style

Likely the biggest factor to dictate how often you shave is the “look” that you are going for. If you need to keep it clean/smooth, then you will need to shave more frequently than the scruffy look.

  • Clean Shaven - Whether by preference or by regulation, some men need to keep things clean. But with a good wet shave, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shave everyday (although some will definitely need a daily shave). Sometimes a good, close shave can last for two-three days. This means even BBS face can be maintained with just a few shaves a week.
  • Stubble - Likewise, a face of sexy stubble can be maintained with an occasional shave. Letting a little growth get started gives you the scruffy look you are going for, before you need to shave. An evening shave can also be a way to maintain a shadowed look.
  • Full-growth - Even if you like to sport a beard (full or sharply trimmed), it is still important to maintain those edges. A shave around the edges, once a week or so, will be important to keeping your style in line. 

Hair Growth

Of course, another important factor in how often you need to shave to maintain your look is your hair color, thickness, and growth.

  • Color - If you have blonde or light facial hair, you can go a little longer between shaves. Dark haired men may need more frequent shaves, especially if they want or need to maintain a clean-shaven look.  
  • Thickness - Those with thicker hair may need more frequent shaves to maintain a clean shave as thicker hair is more likely to show. On the other hand, thicker hair may lend itself well to the scruffy look and require less frequent shaving if you go with that look. 
  • Growth - Some men, by genetics/diet/hormones/etc, are hirsute beasts - quick to grow lots of hair. If this is the case, you might need to be a once-a-dayer to keep a clean-shaven mug. If you don’t find yourself with a five-o’clock shadow at noon, then you can probably get away with shaving every other day - or even longer.  

Personalizing How Often You Shave

Of course, how often you shave is going to be a personal preference, but a rule of thumb would be to shave as infrequently as possible to maintain your chosen look. Even if you love the “me-time” of a classic, wet shave, giving your skin recovery time is an important consideration. If you need to shave daily, make sure you are choosing products that are good for your skin. West Coast Shaving offers pre-shaves, shaving soaps/creams, and aftershaves that will help to nourish and hydrate your skin. 

What’s your routine? How long do you go between shaves? Let us know in the comments below.

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