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Introducing WCS Daily Shave Videos

Still have some lingering questions about this wet shaving business (or maybe even some big ones)? We are here to help with a video-a-day to guide you on your way to shaving success (or maybe just increase your solidarity with this community of blade wielders). Each day we will be posting a video of one of our daily shavers using products they found right at West Coast Shaving. They will opine on their experience and share the good, bad, and ugly with you. We have shavers from coast-to-coast, with different ages, experiences, and interests, but all unified in this amazing world of classic shaving. Watch as they create a lather, describe scents, compare post-shaves, and more on these short videos.


Meet the Motley Crew:


Hiya Folks! Thor here, with a brief introduction. I live in NYC and work as an IT coordinator. I’m also an apprentice martial arts instructor, poet, painter, wedding officiant, and I’ve been crocheting hats, scarves and blankets for a few years. 

Because of my sensitive skin and coarse beard, I used to hate shaving and have had facial hair of some kind for most of my adult life. That is, until I discovered wet shaving. I’ve seen a dramatic reduction of irritation and have found that I use my shave time as a means to unwind and relax after a busy day; I want to share that with you. 

Hope to see you during my Daily Shaves.



Hey all, this is Matt and I'm one of your Daily Shavers here on the site.

I'm from Metro Detroit and I'm a professional hobbyist by trade. In my list of ever-changing hobbies, Horror Movies, Death Metal and Wet Shaving are my three staples that never change. 

Because I'm naturally hyper, and I'm always 0.36 seconds away from getting distracted by something else (squirrels or shiny objects, for example), I have discovered that wet shaving is one of the very few things in life that actually calms me down and relaxes me. 

I look at it this way, choosing all of your shaving tools, setting everything up, and preparing to have a nice, proper shave is one of the few things in life that you can take 100% control of and enjoy; no distractions allowed. 

I tend to shave every 1 to 2 days. My skin is pretty tough, and my hair is relatively coarse. This combination allows me to shave pretty fast if I need to without any irritation. Although zipping through a shave fast can still be extremely relaxing, nothing beats those long, slow 4 hour shaves, ya know?

As far as soap scent profiles go, I'm a fan of well-done, earthy scents, as well as citrus scents - but I'll try anything once. . .

Perhaps most importantly, collecting different razors, brushes and soaps is fun. After all, it's not considered hoarding if your stuff is cool - right? 

Rock On, Matt!



Hey guys! Ross here! I live in northern Virginia and currently work as Systems Engineer and Business Analyst within government contracting. Outside of work and shaving, I am an avid sports fanatic and root for my always unreliable DC teams. I follow just about everything sports related. I also enjoy time with friends, family, and my dog.

Like many others, I fell into this hobby after stumbling on a Nick Shaves video and was immediately warped in. I have fairly sensitive skin and a coarse beard, so I tend to prefer mild razors. I gravitate to green, dark, and/or polarizing scents in shave soaps. I tend to shave every 2-3 days, sometimes longer, to give my skin a break.

No one really understands this hobby outside of those in it, so I’m happy to share the enjoyment and relaxation it brings with those who are in it! Look forward to watching everyone’s videos and learning a thing or two even. The great thing about the hobby is it is always evolving and there’s always something you can learn to improve your own shaving experience! Take care all!



I’m Jonathan Guzman also known as the Guzzz. I live in Miami Florida and enjoy using cool and refreshing scents to shave with year-round. I have sensitive skin, and shave 3 times a week. I’m in the Civil Engineering industry and specialize in moveable bridges. Have many hobbies including mountain biking, racquetball, camping, hiking, fly fishing, diving...i am very outdoor oriented. I have been wet shaving for 13 years out of which 11 has been with Merkur Progress, Proraso Green, Select Badger AOS brush, and Astra Sp. I seasonally grow my mustache 6 months of the year. Never thought I would look forward to shaving!!



Hi everyone. I’m Ray and one of the daily shavers for West Coast Shaving. I was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised all over since I was a military brat. New York was where I always considered home, and after finishing school, I moved back for good. I work as a physical therapist, and fortunately one of my patients introduced me to wet shaving. So I have been hooked ever since.

It is a daily ritual that I do each morning, because I feel it is a great way to start the day. I prefer a moderately aggressive shave and my soap scent preferences vary based on the season and how I am feeling at the time. I’m a creature of habit which may be from being exposed to the regimen of the military and is probably why I find a calmness in the routine of wet shaving. As a result, I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people that I most likely never would have. I am looking forward to the new people I’ll meet and the experiences that are going to happen on this shaving journey.



Hey Everyone! I’m Abraham and I am one of the Daily Shavers on the West Coast Shaving Youtube Channel. 

About 5 years ago I did something I have always wanted to do, learn how to Straight Razor Shave. So I did what everyone does when they try to learn how to do something new, I looked it up on YouTube. I got a tub of Catie’s Bubbles, a really cheap badger brush from Amazon, and what I thought was new straight razor off eBay. After my first shave, it looked like my face got attacked by a cat- but I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I kept at it, got good, and I really enjoy it now! 

What started off as a chore and something I hated doing, has now turned into my moment of peace in the morning. Now I work in a shave shop and show others how to turn this past tradition into a modern luxury.



Hey folks! It’s Eric Neria! I’m a native of Southern California, born and raised -- although, I often receive stark criticism for my devotion to the New York Yankees. As you can probably guess from my previous statement, I am a huge baseball geek! Outside of the wet shaving hobby, I enjoy other hobbies such as watch collecting, fresh water fishing, and golf. For the past 16 years I have worked in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. Paramount to all this is my faith and my family.

My wet shaving excursion can be summed up like this... I’d always wanted a safety razor. After reading an article about how inexpensive DE blades are and how they can save you money overall versus cartridge razors, I convinced my wife that this was a money-saving oasis and that we should jump on it. She agreed. Upon receiving my razor I thought maybe the canned goo I was using was a little too unsophisticated for it. Well, after surfing the Internet for more price-heavy shaving creams I stumbled upon a grooming website that had a link to a Nick Shaves video. The rest as they say is “history,” and my morning routine has never been the same since!

Prior to my entry into traditional shaving, my shaving routine consisted of a anti-fog mirror (although it always fogged up) in the shower, a cartridge razor, and whatever cheap goo I could get in a plastic tube. Shaving in the shower seemed quick and effortless and that’s exactly what I wanted, to get this chore out of the way!

Funny how something that I routinely tried to rush through in the morning has turned into a hobby that I routinely have to explain to my wife why there are packages showing up on our doorstep on a regular basis. 

I considerate it both a blessing and a privilege to be a part of this venture to bring quality wet shaving content to those who truly appreciate the hobby!



My name is Joe and you may know me as the voice of The Wet Shaving Talk Podcast. I’m a long time wet shaving collector and have shaved with hundreds of razors, some of which are over 200 years old. 

The wet shaving journey started for me back in 2011, when I found an old Gillette razor in my grandfather’s things after he passed away. Intrigued, I went to the internet to find out more about it and the rest is history.

I find traditional wet shaving to be more than a hobby or a mundane task that most people despise. It’s a way of life and a lot of fun. 

In addition to podcasting, I have a blog site as well as write periodically for . I am a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and I am well versed in the wine, spirits and beer industries as that is my primary work. I currently live in south Florida with my wife Linda. 

Always remember to shave straight and safe!




Hey guys it's Gerard, one of your resident Daily Shavers.

I'm from the Southern California area, and I'm a home health nurse by trade. I love to travel to the hidden gems of the world, find delicious food in the most obscure of places, and drink all varieties of tea...all for the best deal I can find. 

I was introduced to wetshaving because I found it ludicrous spending so much money on cartridges and over the counter shaving gels. Besides the fact wetshaving can be so cheap, I found the amount of products out there just made for such a pleasurable (and almost therapeutic) experience.

I've been loving it ever since, and I'm never going back. Ever.

Keep an eye on our site ( or subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up with all these guys and their epic shaves! 


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ANthony Derigiotis - May 10, 2018

What a great idea and a great addition to WCS. Since you sell shaving products of all types, why not post videos of people shaving, since most wet shavers follow people like Paul H., who has featured razors from WC Shaving, for us to see. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new gents, especially Matt, since I’m from the “D” myself. Can’t wait to place my next order with some of the new additions that you have added to your inventory. Good luck to all.

Anthony Midwest shaver

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