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The Daily Shave from West Coast Shaving-West Coast Shaving

The Daily Shave from West Coast Shaving

Still have some lingering questions about this wet shaving business (or maybe even some big ones)? We are here to help with our Daily Shave videos to guide you on your way to shaving success (or maybe just increase your solidarity with this community of blade wielders). 

We regularly post a video of one of our daily shavers using wet shaving products that can be found at West Coast Shaving. The Daily Shave can be found on the West Coast Shaving YouTube channel. These shavers opine on their experience and share the good, bad, and ugly with you. 

We have shavers from coast-to-coast, of different ages, experiences, and interests, but all unified in this amazing world of classic wet shaving. Watch as they create a lather, describe scents, compare post-shaves, and more on these short videos.

Many of these shaving videos focus on newly released formulas and scents. But others give tips and tricks of the trade or wet shaving shortcuts that might work for you, while others highlight a classic brand or scent. 

These videos also highlight the hardware in play as well, whether straight razor, shavette, or safety razor.  These 15-30 min Daily Shave videos walk you through a shaver’s routine from product picks to prep to performance. 

Subscribe to the West Coast Shaving YouTubechannel and never miss an opportunity to learn and grow with your Daily Shavers.

Is there a wet shaving product, technique, or topic that you would like us to tackle? Let us know in the comments below.

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ANthony Derigiotis - May 10, 2018

What a great idea and a great addition to WCS. Since you sell shaving products of all types, why not post videos of people shaving, since most wet shavers follow people like Paul H., who has featured razors from WC Shaving, for us to see. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new gents, especially Matt, since I’m from the “D” myself. Can’t wait to place my next order with some of the new additions that you have added to your inventory. Good luck to all.

Anthony Midwest shaver

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