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Izola: A little quirky, A lot quality-West Coast Shaving

Izola: A little quirky, A lot quality

The Izola story is inspiring - inspiring us to be our best selves. It tugs at a core in all of us: beauty, utility, and legacy. Founders Neil Rasmus and Richard Brandt bring attention to detail, great design, and exceptional care to functional everyday objects. They are creating items that are “built to last” and they hope you will take them with you wherever life takes you.


Why We Like it: 

  • A little bit quirky – Toothbrushes with months printed on them (so you don’t forget that essential task of changing your brush every three months). Dopp Kits labeled DOPP. right on it (just “in case” you forget what it is used for). Or maybe you want a schizophrenic ruled letter opener (one that exhorts you to “break the rules” on one side and “follow the rules” on the other). Yes, a letter opener. Which brings us to the next reason we love this company. . . 
  • A lot old school – Whether it is the soaps that they create using traditional 18th century triple-milling or the design of their soap dishes or the materials they use, Izola harkens back to a time when things were made to endure. Handcrafted ceramic soaps dishes held handcrafted authentic cleansers. Heavy duty canvas shaving kits with brass zippers and water resistant lining took adventurers to new worlds. Brass letter openers sliced paper envelopes and were passed down to the next generation. And speaking of the next generation. . . 
  • Totally environmentally-friendly – Even with its old world charm, this company recognizes the importance of passing a legacy to the next generation. Their toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo. Their soaps are vegetable-based, all-natural, and made in the USA. Their packaging is post-consumer recycled paper printed with soy based inks. 

Who it’s for: 

  • For those with a thirst for adventure and good dollop of quirkiness – Izola is for you. 
  • For those who love the charm of an Old World aesthetic and the endurance of quality products – Izola is for you. 
  • For those who want natural products and an eco-friendly bent – Izola is for you. 

You Must Have: 

  • Izola Toothbrushes, Guest – What a great way to greet an overnight guest – with their very own toothbrush. These bamboo handled brushes are printed with “guest” on the handle. A best seller! 
  • Izola Dopp Kit, DOPP– It’s a Dopp Kit, period. 
  • Izola Bar Soap, Apothecary – Exceptional triple-milled product made right in the USA. Made for your body but good enough for your face, too.

Shop for more Izola items here.

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