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Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!

Krampert's Finest: Taking DIY to the Extreme

He's a Maineiac. . . Maineiac. . . that's for sure. . . 

Presenting: Brian Krampert. Brian is a self-described “Maineiac” (as in, a guy who not only lives in Maine, but embodies everything it stands for). He's sort of your typical ex-Army-paratrooper who, along with his wife, decided one day to chuck it all and pitch a tent on a parcel of land 500 miles from his apartment, his job, and all his responsibilities. You know, an average Joe.

Almost four decades later, it's safe to say things worked out for Brian. And as part of adopting his extreme DIY lifestyle came a passion for making things his way – including the shaving soaps and aftershaves he'd need to keep his wife from mistaking him for a bear up there in the wilds. As it turns out, Brian wasn't the only one who liked his custom blends, and that's how Krampert's Finest was born.

Krampert's Finest at West Coast Shaving

Why we're featuring it:

Listen, it's not every day you run across a brand that's literally hand-made by a mountain man who raises his own chickens and lives off the land. But uniqueness factor aside, at the core of Krampert's Finest is Brian's meticulousness. “If I make or build something you better be sure it is the best I can make it, because anything less won't work and it will just be a waste,” he says, and having tried his concoctions, we have to say we believe him.

Why we like it:

Mainers don't mess around with anything inefficient, crazy expensive, or newfangled. It's not like Brian's got a lot of time in between creating solar power for his farm, raising his own food, and fending off predators to bask in a (totally manly) spa treatment. What he's created here is a beautifully simple line of shaving products that contain all the essentials your skin needs, with absolutely no extras. His tightly edited formulas mean that you get exactly what you expect and nothing you don't want. There's one for warming, one for cooling, and that's that.

Who this is for:

Guys who like a workhorse of a product they can depend on day in and day out should check out Krampert's Finest. These are soaps and tonics developed by a working man who spends every day out in the elements, even in Maine's rough winters, so they're perfect for an outdoorsy type who'd like his skin to look and feel a little better than the average tree bark. If you're into basic, masculine scents like bay rum, pine, and peppermint, you'll be right at home in the Krampert's wilderness.

Who this is not for:

Krampert's Finest isn't about being retro or metro. Refined gentlemen or those who look for a grooming ritual that's a bit more suave and polished probably aren't going to find their fit here. And if you like your shaving products a little more on the subtle, gentle side, then keep in mind that Mainers are all about living off the land, not beating around the bush.

You need this:

Since Krampert's currently only has four products in their range, we recommend them all!

  • Frostbite Aftershave: You want cooling and tingling? They've got it! This stuff is filled with menthol and frankincense to give your face the perfect chill after a close shave.
  • Frostbite Shaving Soap: With the same cooling sensation as the aftershave, this shaving soap is loaded with coconut oil, glycerin, and menthol for an icy lather.
  • Acadian Spice Bay Rum Shaving Soap: This soap is the end-all-be-all for bay rum fans. It lathers like a dream and smells divine.
  • Acadian Spice Bay Rum Aftershave: There's a reason this product has a cult-like following. This aftershave is the perfect compliment to Krampert's shaving soap. It has a great bay rum scent and doesn't burn your skin. The after-effects linger all day.
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