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Lavender Curation-West Coast Shaving

Lavender Curation

Father of fragrances, king of calming scents: lavender has been used in perfumes and for medicinal purposes for millennia. In this curation, we've selected some of our favorite lavender-scents grooming products here at West Coast Shaving. 

B&M Reserve Lavender (Soap and Splash): 

This warm, floral and woody lavender is a genius recreation of Hugo Collumbien’s Caldey Island Lavender. For lavender haters, I’d highly recommend this one. It opens quite woody, with some floral and soft citrus notes creeping through, very enjoyable for all times of the day, and all times of the year. If you haven’t already tried Barrister & Mann’s “Reserve” soap base, you are genuinely missing out with one of the top tier soap formulas on the market.


Mickey Lee Soapworks, Cape Verde: 

Mickey Lee Soapworks is an artisan men’s grooming company out of San Diego, California. Cape Verde is their lavender-infused fougère fragrance with notes of orange, tangerine, lavender, thyme, and oakmoss. This combination comes across as quite smoky and musky, with tangerine and thyme uplifting the scent ever so slightly. MLS’s soap formula is also a force to be reckoned with -- a slick, smooth, and dense lather.


Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shaving Cream/Aftershave Balm:

Castle Forbes is a sustainable property in Scotland, and their shaving creams and aftershave balms are 100% made on-site, and their essential oils are steam distilled in their fragrance house, including from their lavender garden. As you could assume, their “Lavender” Shaving cream is a single-scented, clean and crisp lavender. This concentrated shaving cream will last you a very long time, as just a small dab of the bristles onto the cream’s surface is ample amount for a 3-pass shave.


Yardley English Lavender Brilliantine:

Yardley traces its origins back to 18th- century London. The Cleaver Family began producing perfumes, and eventually sold the business to William Yardley in 1823 due to financial troubles. The late 1800’s Victorian era garnered a fascination with lavender, and its presence became widespread in perfumery. The Yardley company was at the forefront of this Lavender intrusion, and continues to produce one of the finest lavender fragrances on the market. Their English Lavender brilliantine is great for those looking for a high shine hairdo. It can add a fine luster to medium/longer hair, or provide a shiny finish to firmly-textured hairstyles.


Simpson Lavender & Vetivert Shaving Cream:

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Simpson’s shaving creams, even while my go-to resides in the tallow-based artisan realm. A unique formula allows for ample addition of water, giving you an equally slick and cushioning lather. Their lavender and vetiver shaving cream scent is not a combination I’d previously come across. An interesting blend of light, floral lavender and peppery, heavily grassy vetiver is a very elegant yet masculine combination.


Czech and Speake, Oxford and Cambridge Shaving Soap/aftershave/cologne:

Czech and Speake is one of the masters of sophisticated, “gentlemanly” scents that will remain a welcome addition for decades to come. Oxford and Cambridge is a musky, dusty blend of bergamot, peppermint, rosemary, English and French Lavenders, and Oakmoss. Their soaps use the infamous Valobra soap base, which is very slick and dense.


Midnight & Two Pre-shave Oil, Provence:

For many, simply building a lather will not be enough for protecting the skin. Even with nourishing ingredients, a concentrated shaving soap can draw water from the skin and cause tightness and discomfort. A pre-shave oil will help as a protective barrier against these sometimes negative effects. Midnight and Two, a Canadian men’s grooming artisan, has crafted a vegan, all-natural pre-shave oil with grapeseed, hemp, and jojoba oils to soften and hydrate the skin. Lavender and tea tree oils create a calming, woody and minty scent that will grace your senses as you finish your lathering and other shaving prep.


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Matt - February 2, 2018

This is extremely helpful, thank you! As someone who “window shops” here, these curated selections help me a ton and I’d love to see more of these curated selection. Id like to learn more a mint curation, or a bay themed, or even a night life set! Heck, just keep more posts like this coming!

Jeff Drew - February 2, 2018

Great list and info! I will contribute the D.R. Harris Lavender range as my favorite. Its a manly, Scottish style fragrance with excellent, long day capacity is really economical. The shave soap & shave cream are the best, given the few dozen brands I have used over 50 years! Frankly, DRHarris is a value and getting harder to find in the USA.

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