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Lumberjack Curation


Looking for scents to bring the outdoors in? Check out these products that exude woody, earthy, hard-working, manly vibes. Whether you sport a clean-shaven mug or a full-blown, full-growth face forest, Eric opines on some products that are sure to please your nature-loving heart.

Stirling Soap Co., Mountain Man (soap/balm):

Part of living the lumberjack lifestyle is getting up, bright and early, for a head-start on slaying your cypress. For me, Stirling’s Mountain Man is a very accurate iteration of this: a cold morning stroll through the woods, leaves crunching underfoot, and a light breeze carrying the wispy olfaction of the surrounding trees. With notes of bergamot, mandarin, neroli, green tea, blackcurrant bud, sandalwood, and musk, you can be certain you’re starting your morning off the right way.

Barrister and Mann, Leviathan (soap/splash):

Seasonal soaps of Barrister & Mann are usually quite complex in their scent profile, but make for an eclectic shaving experience. Leviathan approaches the nose with a small infantry of powerful scents: leather, cedar, sandalwood, and coffee. Do not misinterpret this scent, as there is nothing “sweet” about this profile. The leather is that of a worn, stained boot with hundreds of miles under its sole. The cedar and sandalwood are dry and weathered. This coffee isn’t your frappuccino nonsense: this is a black, freshly-ground cup o’ joe served in a tin mug. This one couldn’t be more fitting for the rugged outdoorsman.

Wholly Kaw King of Oud:

Since 2014, Sri, of Wholly Kaw, has been making carefully-researched and crafted shaving soaps in the hopes that as many people as possible are able to experience a great shave with great scents, no matter their sensitivity. Recently, he has included Donkey Milk as an ingredient in a few of his tallow-formulated soaps, including this masterpiece known as King of Oud. King of Oud contains top notes of lemon, bergamot, clary sage, rose, aldehydes, and pink pepper for an initially sweet scent off of the tub. However, angelica, rosewood and galbanum rest on top of oud, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, and amber for a distinctly smoky, ashy, and woody bed underlying the sweet notes. Overall, this is a very complex scent reminding me of one relaxing at a crackling fire after a long days’ work outside, mug of lemon-tinged Earl Grey tea in hand.

West Coast Shaving, Sequoia (soap/splash):

Here on the West Coast, we take pride in a forest infamous for its towering, age-old conifers which adorn and protect the mountainside like a foreboding and spectacularly resilient army. Standing hundreds of feet tall and displaying rich red trunks and deep green foliage, the Sequoia National Park is truly a sight to see. With notes of cypress, coumarin, black pepper, rosemary, bergamot, and a touch of smoke, this is our best attempt to recreate the scent you may experience among these magnificent giants. Loaded with shea butter and avocado oil, this will nourish and hydrate your skin to protect it from the elements when a long day in the forest is ahead.

Catie’s Bubbles Shaving Soap, Connecticut Shade:

Catie’s Bubbles creates a masterful vegan soap base that provides excellent cushion, slickness, and skin conditioning usually associated with tallow-based soaps, and at a great price! Connecticut Shade is a smoky, pungent tobacco scent that is rounded out by deep woods and dark spice, with notes of pipe tobacco, vanilla, oak, nutmeg and leather.

Soap Commander Fortitude (shaving soap/balm):

Soap Commander has a whole line of very pleasant, well-scented, and well-accepted scents in both vegan shaving soap and aftershave balm. However, “Fortitude” is not one of those scents. Fortitude is a blend of hay, tobacco, and rum. Unlike Catie’s Bubbles’ “Connecticut Shade”, this scent does not have the saving grace of deep woods and spices to round out the fragrance. Pipe tobacco is submerged in a vat of molasses-y, warm rum, and hay makes for a crisp, dry, grassy finish. This soap is for the man’s man who still wants to take excellent care of his skin.

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