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Merkur: A Classic DE Razor for Every Man-West Coast Shaving

Merkur: A Classic DE Razor for Every Man

Merkur's parent company, Dovo, bills itself as offering “Masterpieces in Steel.” All right, we like a little self-confidence, a little swagger in our shave. And after all, Dovo's been around since 1906, so we can hardly argue with a history of success. It ain't bragging if you can back it up, right?

Merkur is one of those household names in wet shaving that's so well-known, it almost flies under the radar. It's a part of our higher shaving consciousness, and if it isn't already part of yours, it should be.

Why we're featuring it:

Like we said: Household name. Proven history. Merkur is the Mr. Miyagi to pretty much every other brand's Karate Kid. There's a reason Merkur was one of the very first brands West Coast Shaving carried (sniff....oh, the nostalgia). Every once in a while, some new brand makes a big splash and for a while, eclipses the classics – but any razor that's been quietly and calmly scraping faces all over the world for a century or so is a brand that deserves some love from us.

Why we like it:

These are the Everyman's shave tools. Slants, adjustables, open combs, and pretty much every other head you can imagine are available from Merkur, all with the precise German engineering you'd expect. When you delve into a Merkur catalog you'll find brushes and blades and bowls....oh my. They didn't just do it first, they did it best, and they've continued to develop a product line that's wider and more varied than almost anything else on the market.

Who this is for:

People with beards. People without beards. People who like a good solid badger brush. Guys whose hands get really slippery when they shave, who like a nice grip on their razor handles. Guys who like to exhibit brand loyalty but also like the freedom to switch things up sometimes – after all, if you're a Merkur man, you could spend years trying different styles and never step outside the brand.

Who this is not for:

Men who hate choices. Anyone who's taking on an extended no-shave challenge. People who are doing Movember. Guys who buy their razors in plastic 24-packs at the corner store and have no intention of changing things. (Seriously, who ARE you people?) You get the picture. Merkur is one of those rare brands that we can confidently say has something for everyone, as long as you're looking for a reliable and comfortable wet shave experience.

You must have:

  • Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor: Let's face it. When you've found something good, you just want to tell everyone. That's how we feel about the 34C. It's a classic 2-piece with a hefty feel in your hand and will be loved by newcomers to wet shaving and old pros alike. 
  • Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor: Another fan favorite! This particular 3-piece DE razor has a longer handle that offers a better grip for men with larger hands.
  • Merkur Travel Safety Razor with Bar:  Already a Merkur fan and own one of their DE razors for every day use? Well, then it's high time to expand your Dopp bag to include Merkur's travel razor. Great for gym trips or when you're on the road, it breaks apart for easy storage in its compact leather case. 

Shop for more Merkur products here!

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