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Millenials Curation-West Coast Shaving

Millenials Curation

Retro gaming, coffee bars, craft beer, classic cars, here is a list of just a few brands millenials might embrace.  With their respect for the past and their hope for a better future, millenials can be an odd paradox of traditional and tech savvy, classic and up-and-coming, old school and out-of-the-box. Here’s a list of some products that you can get behind.

Catie’s Bubbles Irish Coffee Shaving Soap:

Catie’s Bubbles Irish Coffee is a smooth-sailing espresso: fresh cream, smooth, medium-roast coffee and the soft tinge of Irish Whiskey laying a warm base for this accord. Fit for your favorite neighborhood coffee shop or a homemade classic, this is the perfect profile for a subtle pick-me-up, or a late evening wind-down. As most avid wet shavers should know, Chris’ vegan soap base is arguably among the best on the market, offering a very intuitive, quick-loading soap with top-tier levels of slickness, cushion, and stability; all while at an incredible price point.



Uncle Jon’s Natural Shaving Soap, Fresh Roast:

Uncle Jon’s is a new addition to the West Coast family. His soaps feature some of the best, strongest scents out there, and his Fresh Roast is no exception. This is no rich, sweet mocha; this is the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. A bold, dark roast coffee; a hot pour-over blooming the scent into every crevice of your shaving den. The performance is high above average in most metrics, offering great cushion and slickness necessary for a smooth, irritation-free shave.



Nostalgic Grooming Super Water Based Pomade, Clean Cut Citrus:

Also making a comeback are the early video games of the 90s! Many apparel companies and accessories reflect to the blocky, 8-bit games that provided a sweet release from the stresses of everyday life. In my opinion, Nostalgic Pomade offers a very sophisticated take on this retro twist. Clean block lettering with teases of slanted script, topped with a comb/video game controller hybrid will have you clambering for your dusty Sonic the Hedgehog CD-ROM. Clean Cut Citrus is just that; a playfully sweet, slightly tangy citrus that will give you calming whiffs from your ‘do throughout the day. Speaking of your ‘do, this will give you a very versatile range to work with. While it’s a heavy-holding water-based pomade, it features a generous amount of mango butter, which gives your hair tremendous, conditioned control until you wash it out.



Chatillon Lux Aftershave Splash, Bon Vivant:

Let’s face it; with cheap alcohol, you usually get what you pay for. And for the discerning millennial, it’s quality over quantity. Delicate, dark microbrews, small-batch whiskeys; these are the choices of those who don’t settle for less. Bon Vivant pays homage to such a decadent aroma with a rich bourbon with notes of caramel, birch tar, black pepper, maple syrup, vanilla, patchouli, neroli, petitgrain, yuzu, ginger, anise, white grapefruit, juniper, wormwood and coriander. Sweet, boozy, and woody, accompanied by a slow alcoholic burn and a rivaling menthol cooling… What better way to take on the day?



Mickey Lee Soapworks Shaving Soap, Drunken Goat:

Samantha - of MLS - knows soap. She and her husband, Eric, were one of the original artisans on the scene, and left customers speechless with such a high quality shave at such a great price. Well, since those days, MLS has updated their soap with an even better-performing base (is that even really possible?) that, for many a wet shaver, leaves one wanting for nothing; slippery slick shaves, incredible cushion, and post shave comfort far outside of its price range. “Drunken Goat” is one of their highest praised scents, with notes of chocolate, molasses, oats, and chestnut and a base of stout Guinness. Picture a luxurious, stout-infused cookie: pungent hops, dark cocoa and sweet molasses taking the countertop by storm.



Shear Revival Medium Water-based Pomade, Crystal Lake:

New films have adopted creative CGI and elaborate stunts that we’ve come to expect in recent years. But there is a certain charm to the ways of filming of decades passed; a type of raw directing and acting that lures the younger crowds and spurs the creativity of the next generation of film. Each of Shear Revival’s pomades pays homage to a classic horror film, with Crystal Lake a tribute to the 1980 horror flick, Friday the 13th. For the wet shaver and pomade enthusiast alike, Crystal Lake is revered as the best unorthodox water-based pomade on the market. Unorthodox in that, while water-based, this is no “gel” pomade. It contains wax, as well as several nourishing ingredients to allow for ultimate stylability throughout the day, yet washes out in just one use of shampoo. Coconut, vanilla, and herb make this a clean, crisp, and “green” accord for everyday use and every season.



Declaration Grooming Shaving Soap, Bandwagon:

When you’re taking on the world, you don’t want to show up with a $5 haircut. Trust me, a $5 haircut looks as cheap as it costs. Welcome back the traditional barbershops of our forefathers where the refined young gentleman can keep a notable, respectable cut from a highly-trained, highly-experienced hand. One walks past the swirling, red, white and blue barber pole and into a shop filled with the scents of powdery, crisp aftershaves, talc, clean shampoos and classic pomades. This scent is very accurately portrayed in Declaration Grooming’s “Bandwagon”. The notes of musk, lavender, sandalwood, camphor, coumarin, tarragon, bergamot, and anise make this a very complex, high-end aroma.



Chiseled Face Groomatorium Shaving Soap, Midnight Stag:

Gone are the days of the bold individuality infused into America’s most known and loved automobiles of the last century. Sharp lines, bold angles, fastbacks, retro leather seats, and roaring engines were timeless milestones that keep these highway Olympians being passed down through the generations. This lasting legacy has made a clear impact on the younger millennial generation, with cookie cutter sedans overlooked for these classics. Midnight Stag will remind you of the numerous trips under the hood to bring your rusty steed back to life, with notes of leather, motor oil, birch tar, smoke, cedar, bergamot and vanilla. Coupled with a killer soap base at a welcoming price, you need not look further to add a trunk-full of personality to your den.

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