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50% Off WCS Wood & Brass Safety Razors!
Mint Curation-West Coast Shaving

Mint Curation

Mint: one of the most ubiquitous, beneficial, and familiar scents of aromatherapy, candy-making, and medicine. It soothes digestion and nausea, freshens bad breath and bad days, relieves sore muscles and post-shave alcohol burn, and calms the nervous system. Why wouldn't you want it in your grooming requisites? Check out some popular men's grooming options that make use of this super power plant in our curation. 

Anchors Teddy Boy Slick:

Anchors’ pomade line is easily among my top 5 favorites. When it comes to men’s grooming, Ben Miller has the right idea. He crafts a whole line of handmade pomades that are among some of the most unique in texture, feel in the hair, and overall look. Teddy Boy “Slick” is Ben’s oil-based, light holding, medium- to high-shine pomade scented naturally with peppermint oil. Unlike most other shine-yielding, oil-based pomades, this does not leave you feeling like a leather-clad greaser. Rather, the result is a natural luster to your hair and a texture that allows for easy re-styling throughout the day.

Crown Shaving Co Shave Cream:

Crown Shaving Co. is a Canadian men’s grooming company out of Toronto. The goal was to create a line of products for men that would help alter the dreadful daily grooming regimen into a time of enjoyment and relaxation. And boy, what a success. Crown’s Shave Cream is one of the most skin-friendly shaving creams on the market; with ingredients like white ginger extract, shea butter, pomegranate extract, olive leaf extract, and many other botanicals, you can rest confidently in a smooth, cushioning, protecting lather. The inclusion of natural peppermint oil gives this a subtle yet pleasant air of mint throughout the shave, without blowing you out of the (ice) water.

Duke Cannon Brick of Soap, Productivity:

Duke Cannon has been cranking out high quality, masculine grooming products ever since the Korean War. Still in production within the original family warehouse, their famed “bricks of soap” are a favorite among the old and new-school alike. Their 10-oz body soaps will last you months, and each soap is filled with skin-conditioning ingredients to hydrate your skin and protect it in even the roughest of conditions. Scented with - you guessed it - peppermint and with a decent menthol kick to boot. And a kick with a boot is right up the Duke Cannon alley. They are unapologetically a company for a “man’s man”.

Duke Cannon Aftershave Balm:

Back at it again, Duke Cannon decided to up the ante of the grooming game, and man am I glad they did. Their balm delivers in spades. Their aftershave balm is righteously cold, with a significant menthol-laden peppermint note and dry sandalwood to accompany you throughout the dry deserts or humid summer days. If your definition of hard work includes words like "grime", "double-shift", "bootstraps", and "blisters", then we have the company for you. Duke Cannon isn't pulling any punches about its mission. They are creating products for men who aren't afraid to be men.

Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste:

A cult classic, Marvis toothpaste is renowned for its intense minty flavor. It gained popularity in the ‘70s among heavy smokers for its potent effect. Ever since then, the brand has been taken over by Ludovico Martelli (of Proraso) and garnered an even more obsessive following. For a truly arctic tooth brushing, freshen up best with Marvis.

Krampert’s Finest Frostbite Aftershave Splash:

Krampert’s Finest is an artisan based out of Maine; a self-sufficient house upon Bear Mountain and in the midst of 40 acres of green hills. Their “Frostbite” aftershave is a peculiar specimen; a mix of alcohol burn and a slow build of extreme menthol cooling. Frankincense oil is a fast-absorbing skin moisturizer, and very subtle notes of pine and cedar will greet your senses as the menthol continues to cool you down for hours. And I do mean hours!

Taylor of Old Bond St., Peppermint Shaving Cream:

If you’re an avid wet shaver and haven’t heard of the infamous “TOBS”, then chance

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GOGO - March 9, 2018

You forgot WCS “DENALI” for your mint curation. Denali is the best!!!! I love it!!!!

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