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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Mother's Day Curation | WCS Mom's Favorites-West Coast Shaving

Mother's Day Curation | WCS Mom's Favorites

This is a list of wonderful scents and products your mother will love on her special day and throughout the year. Scent is the gift that keeps on giving. Read on to discover a treat or two that could brighten the day of the woman who brought you into this world, kissed your boo-boos, and hauled you all over creation.


Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Lavender:

It should be no secret by now that Taylor of Old Bond Street is a wet shaving staple. Chances are, TOBS was your first introduction into the deep, deep rabbit hole known as Traditional Wet Shaving. Many of us men have experienced the toil of attempting to get the ladies in our lives into wet shaving, however TOBS’ Lavender Shaving Cream has seemed to be the eye opener. It has a light, powdery, fresh and floral lavender that is perfect for a relaxing, calming shave; morning or night. Time-tested, this shaving cream will provide thick, slick, and easy lathers every shave.



D.R. Harris Old English Lavender Water:

D.R. Harris is one of the oldest, most classic British grooming and perfumery houses to have graced the shelves of many a man and woman for centuries. While many have come to know and love their elegantly-scented shaving soaps and aftershaves, few seem to take notice of their Lavender Water offering. Old English Lavender Water features a floral, yet dry and earthy lavender with a light touch of musk. Whether being used as a smoothing, bracing post shave or a stand-alone fragrance, this will be perfect for a special night out, or a hot summer’s day!



Barrister & Mann Reserve Lavender Shaving Soap:

As one jumps down the never-ending rabbit hole of wet shaving, Barrister and Mann is darn near impossible to ignore: Will and parents had been hailed since their origins for having some of the most truly unique scents and soap formulas. Today, we have been blessed with the Reserve soap base, regarded as one of the (if not the) best shaving soap formulas of most avid wet shavers’ arsenals. If you’re looking to give your mother a true treat this Mother’s Day, look no further: a killer shaving soap that yields the slickest, most comfortable lather, and scented with a warm, deep, earthy and subtly sweet lavender.



Cremo Face Moisturizer:

Cremo is a very popular grooming company that has managed to create great-quality products at a very affordable price range. While known for their shaving creams ,which contain a whole slew of botanicals, they have a large range of other products that are worthy of mention. One such is their face moisturizer. Avocado oil, jojoba esters, algae extract, aloe barbadensis juice, and xanthan gum are powerful humectants, meaning they will be powerful extracts that attract moisture to the skin. They also give the lotion a very slight floral scent, and the product - while powerful and effective - goes on easily and light. This is the perfect addition to any woman’s repertoire, whether after removing makeup following a long day, or just to moisturize during the dry seasons!



Mitchell’s Wool Fat Bath Foam, Country Scent:

Mitchell’s Wool Fat is well known for their Lanolin-based shaving soap, which can provide some of the slickest shaves you’ll experience. Many are not aware, though, that Mitchell’s offers a variety of different scents and products, including their lanolin-based bath foam in their “Country” Scent. Their Country range has a light, floral, yet grassy and earthy scent that is perfect for a mood-soothing, skin-nourishing bath after a long day on your feet. Just what every mother needs - shut the door and do not disturb.



Imaginary Authors Falling Into the Sea Eau de Parfume:

Imaginary Authors cannot be given high enough praise. For those who have a much higher appreciation for fragrances than the generic, bottled colognes sold in department stores or your local Macy’s, I can’t think of a higher value for the price than Imaginary Authors. Josh Meyer makes each and every fragrance into a unique, eclectic story ; just like the fragrance itself. The artwork reminds one of a book - fitting, giving the brand’s mantra - adorned with pic collage art and a list of scent notes that offer a brief summary into the “story” known as the fragrance. Falling Into the Sea is quite the abnormal departure from Josh’s ethereal realm of fragrance, with light notes of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lychee, tropical flowers and warm sand. This is a fruity, summertime scent that smells of freshly peeled citrus and yes, warm sand. This will knock down your mom’s fragrance to the lower shelf, as this is a well thought-out, niche fragrance that is warm, inviting, and friendly to those around.



Cremo Shaving Cream, Coconut Mango:

Back again is the Cremo brand! Many women choose to opt for a safety razor, but decide to leave the lathering for a slower day. For a fast-paced day ahead, Cremo offers the best solution for an extremely slick and decently protective, sheeny lotion-like cream through which to let the razor easily glide without clogging. As mentioned before, Cremo creams feature a long list of natural ingredients, making this a great choice for the sensitive-skinned and environmentally-conscious alike! Their coconut mango scent is very natural (i.e., non-synthetic smelling) with subtle, woody and nutty coconut underlying bright, crisp, yet soft mango.



Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor:

All too often, women are deterred from safety razors, due to their oft-menacing appearance and heavy weight. Here’s where the Merkur 23C offers an incredible solution. A long-handled razor is the clear option for leg shaving, making it easier to handle longer strokes lightly and, unlike most long handles which - as a byproduct-are heavy and sometimes even cumbersome, the 23C does not sacrifice its light agility. The low profile head also yields low blade exposure and a very gently blade gap which, in effect, means that the resulting shaving will be very mild and gentle. So don’t worry about a possible horror movie scene occurring in your bathroom; this will give you close, gentle shaves you could only dream of before the switch to a safety razor!



Level Naturals Shower Bomb, Menthol + Cucumber:

Level Naturals has been popular since day one at our shop. While most bar soaps seem to come and go in a matter of days, Level soaps have stood the test of time, being a long-lasting, natural alternative to the drying, generic soaps on the market today. It’s not easy being a mom, and sometimes they could really use some luxury; even if they’re running a tight schedule… in comes Level’s Shower bomb! Their shower bomb is pleasantly infused with cucumber oil, which helps to soothe sore muscles, as well as bracing menthol, which surrounds you with a cold, minty, refreshing air; perfect for a luxury treat to start off the day! Just throw it in the shower. No need to draw a bath, so mom can pamper herself even on the busiest days.



Mitchell’s Wool Fat Hand & Body Lotion, 240mL:

Mitchell’s Wool Fat makes its second appearance here, and for good reason. They have stayed true to their bright and early beginnings of using lanolin (wool fat that acts as an incredibly potent moisturizer) in almost every one of their products. Crude lanolin is a powerful humectant, and can soften even the driest and most irritated skin in just a few uses. I have tried this lotion myself in the heart of the winter and can attest to its effectiveness. Though lanolin is a main ingredient, rest assured that this has no animalic, “sheep-like” scent to it. On the contrary; the scent is light, somewhat sweet and floral. While this can be used by men and women alike, the decidedly feminine scent makes this perfect for the ladies in your life. I won’t speak too out of place, but this is one of the better deals for your skin I’ve ever come across.



Wholly Kaw Eau de Toilette, La Fougère Parfaite:

Since day one, Wholly Kaw has spent countless hours researching and developing a shaving soap that will land itself at the top of people’s lists, whether through the traditional tallow ( or now, the magnificent Donkey’s Milk addition) or vegan. Sri has now started to enter into the frag (fragrance) market and, with his history in combining scents, we couldn’t be happier. La Fougère Parfaite is one of the most well-rounded aromas I’ve ever smelled. Whether the title intentionally alludes to this or not, the result - to me - is a yogurty, silky smooth citrus with undertones of tonka bean, patchouli, and coumarin provides a pleasant, more woody drydown. If your mom is the one to take the road less travelled by in search of a better destination well, by all means, this is that road. It’s bold, yet calming and reflective.

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