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Love Your Shave: Naturally & Organically-West Coast Shaving

Love Your Shave: Naturally & Organically

What first attracted you to this wet shaving gig? Maybe it was the amazing scents and plethora of options. Maybe it was the old-school charm and mystique of a brush, bowl, and blade. Maybe your thrifty heart beats to the tune of kicking the expensive cartridges to the curb. Ah, it might have been those, but if you are like the majority of men, you were probably attracted to the natural, organic, soothing nature of these wet shaving products.


So, why organic / natural wet shave products?

If your life-before-lathering was a constant battle with razor burn, irritation, bumps, and redness, then you probably love these sensitive-skin loving products. 

Organic / natural products are less likely to cause skin irritations and instead are skin-nourishing to leave you moisturized and soothed. 

If you hate to load your body with parabens, artificial colors and fragrances, and unpronounceable ingredients, then buying these thoughtfully produced grooming essentials will light your fire. 

Cutting out chemicals means cutting out ingredients that detrimentally affect your health. If you like to know where and how your shaving requisites are produced, then we have you covered with dozens of wet shaving products, artisans, and brands who love the earth (and a healthy body) as much as you do.

Delete the harsh chemicals / Add in natural goodness

So, you’ve deleted the parabens, phthalates, dyes, and petroleum-based ingredients that make up so many supermarket brands. Turns out, nature provides most of what you need to take care of your skin. (Who knew, eh?). 

Herbs like rosemary, basil, sage, and ginger can provide stimulating, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Unlike petroleum, oils like olive, coconut, sustainable palm, argan, and jojoba work with the skin’s natural processes. 

Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and more provide aromatherapeutic effects as well as wonderful scents. And, of course, well-known aloe vera, shea butter, and glycerin provide moisture. Even beeswax, volcanic ash, and clays can be used to naturally enhance grooming products for hair, skin, and body.

What brands to buy?

We have so many excellent choices that it is hard to even know where to start. But here are a few brands that were born out of a desire to work with nature’s good gifts. Below is just a short list of WCS companies offering natural wet shaving and men’s grooming products that we recommend:

  • Baudelaire - This company values natural and renewable resources. Their bath accessories are made from natural sea sponge (a renewal product harvested from the Gulf of Mexico) and hemp (a renewable fiber hand crocheted/knitted). 
  • Le Pere Lucien - This family owned business has been in the soap making industry for generations. They focus on making soap the traditional way, but with modern standards. Their cold process soaps show their care for the environment as they seek to keep the virtues of the plant intact.
  • Mitchell’s Wool Fat - For over eighty years, their totally natural, gentle soaps have been providing relief for all kinds of skin ailments, from ordinary dryness and sensitivity to more troublesome complaints. Free of unnatural additives and preservatives, and never tested on animals, Mitchell's products are the simple choice for naturally moisturized skin.
  • Pre de Provence - This is a top-of-the-line French line of shaving products made with only the finest ingredients: botanical essences, pure vegetable oils, rich butters, and other natural products.
  • Speick - For over 85 years, this company has harvested the benefits of the speick plant. This alpine flora has wonderful, health properties that make a phenomenal soap and splash. But the company itself also focuses on healthy practices. Their holistic business practices promote employee development, childcare for working mothers, environmentally sound manufacturing, and sustainable speick harvesting.

What about artisan brands?

We've also got a wide array of artisan brands that offer hand-crafted wet shave products with natural goodness. Many of them create vegan offerings as well. There are so many wonderful artisans (and more coming all the time) that we are constantly on the lookout for new lathers. 

Below is a partial list of artisan brands we carry. Brands that have great, personal stories. Almost always, these company owners didn't start out as CEOs of their own small businesses. More often than not, they simply wanted something better and more natural that was made with pure, organic, or vegan ingredients. When they couldn't find those shaving products on the market, they made their own!

Some WCS Artisan Brands we love who offer handmade wet shaving products:

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Tyrone Swope - September 6, 2018

Excellent. Absolutely loved reading and very helpful at the same time :)

Kyle Brown - June 14, 2018

Thank you so much for sharing this post with us, It’s great :)
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