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New Release: Abbate y La Mantia-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Abbate y La Mantia

Abbate y La Mantia is an Italian-based, family run business located in the beautiful Maremma countryside near the knee of Italy’s tall boot. This Tuscany region and these artisans are producing exceptional saffron. They are not simple adding saffron to scent their product, rather their actual recipe is based in saffron – saponified saffron, if you will. You get all the benefits of saffron in every product.

Saffron has been used for centuries in dyes and cooking, figures prominently in Greek mythology and ancient writings, and as recently as the 19th century was considered a stimulant for libido and a cure for infertility. But all whimsy aside, it IS known for its carotenoids (fights free radicals to slow cellular ageing) and vitamins B1 & B2 (beneficial for the metabolic and immune systems).

Check out these awesome soaps and matching aftershaves in 9 fabulous scents.

ButteroThis new scent takes the addicting aroma of Italian leather and puts it in an shaving product. This is a fresh scent without mint or menthol, just the warm, inviting aroma of leather.

Photo by @storuggla on instagram

Crumiro - This Crumiro scent is a gourmand delight. If you’ve ever wandered the streets of Casale Monferrato near Turin, Italy, then you’ve likely enjoyed a traditional biscuit called Krumiro. It was said that the pastry chef was replicating the shape of the mustache of Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy. Treat yourself royally with this scent.

Photo by @themanzio on instagram

Don Jose - With the added menthol, this is the perfect summer time splash. But the freshness and tropical nature of the banana and coconut aromas makes it great year-round, especially when you are looking for a tropical contact high. Enjoy the wonderful freshness of this fragrance.

Photo by @lucadinaro on instagram

Garden - When all of the scents of a spring garden seems to wrap their arms around you, then you have this floral aroma from Abbate y La Mantia. Notes of red rose, gardenia, and honeysuckle give themselves to this fragrance. 

Photo by @m.freedberg on instagram

IsaccoThe aromatic notes of this fragrance are green apple (mela verde) and black fig (fico nero). The apple (noted for treachery) and the fig (noted for virility) combine in this fruity aroma. Isaac Newton might have found this an appropriate use for the offending fruit.

Photo by simone_favale81 on instagram

Krokos - This is Abbate y La Mantia's masterpiece. Since saffron plays such a vital role in the formation of the products, it seems appropriate to have a saffron-scented splash as well. This one is scented with the spicy fragrance of the intense vibrant spice. 

Photo by @abbateylamantia on instagram

Laureato - This one is for the royal among us. If you love green scents, this laurel fragrance will fill your shaving den. After a stupendous shave, you can face your day as the conquering hero, bedecked with your laurel wealth (of aroma). 

Photo by @andreasttoft on instagram

Matteo - Inspired by the gifts of the Magi to the Christ child, this aroma is redolent with the rich spiciness of incense and the oil of myrrh. Fill your shaving den and your day with this gift of peace on earth. 

Photo by @abbateylamantia on instagram

Vegano - This Vegano aroma is for those who love herbaceous fragrances. This fresh, green scent may seem preposterous, but it is revolutionary as well. It was inspired by a dream that soap maker Fulco Abbate had and introduced to the public. Notes of carrot and lettuce may raise eyebrows, but it is worth a look.

Photo by @abbateylamantia on instagram



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